Friday, January 6, 2012

Either Bye, Bye Obama or Bye, Bye To World Millitary Leadership

WOW! How did they know that when Obama appointed Leon Panetta to head up all US Defense forces that he was chosen because he was a "dismantler", a "cost cutter", and "green eye shade" finance guy? How did they know the best way to defeat the strongest military organization ever known to man was to just strangle it financially? Was it because Panetta had already put the CIA to sleep? While the CIA slumbers maybe we should just get our Warrior Hero, General Patreaus, out of the way by moving him to the CIA. That will shut him up.

So who is making the major decisions regarding our military sizing and deployment during Obama's last 12 months in office? Obama himself, of course. This military genius can rely on his Community Organizing experience in the most corrupt political city in the world, Chicago. He also taught a class or two (allegedly) at a University. And, of course, he had a stellar career in the Illinois legislature where he mostly just voted present. If he is a little thin on military experience, know how, and leadership we still shouldn't worry. He, like other Presidents before him (Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for example), can rely on his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, right? That is why it is critical to put in guys like Rumsfeld and Gates.

Leon, An Italian-American Democrat politician, lawyer, and professor, Panetta served as President Bill Clinton's White House Chief of Staff from 1994 to 1997 (sounds political), Director of the Office of Management and Budget (a bean counter) from 1993-1994, and was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1977 to 1993 (probably voted present). He, like Obama, taught college as a professor of public policy at Santa Clara and was the founder of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy (what the hell is this?). And of course, prior to taking office old Leon did Obama's dirty work to weaken the CIA as its Director. Great experience for destroying the military.

During his time in Congress Panetta got great military experience as his work concentrated mostly on budget issues, civil rights, health care, and environmental issues, and particularly preventing oil drilling off the West Coast. Oops, well maybe Leon is a little light on military experience.

During the Kennedy years America spent 1/2 of the federal budget on defense.  Today that number is 1/5 of our federal spending.  So how would the legislature let Obama and Panetta destroy our military? Simple! Remember when we were going to have to shut down our wonderful government if we didn't extend its ability to increase the debt ceiling by borrowing? Americans were crying for the Republican minority to COMPROMISE. "Please don't shut down our wonderful government because you are playing political games," they cried. Well the Republicans did compromise by agreeing to huge military spending cuts unless the SUPER COMMITTEE came up with a better plan to cut spending. With such drastic cuts, assuming even the Democrats were still loyal to the defense of the USA, the Republicans thought the SUPER COMMITTEE would act reasonably and take action. Wrong! The SUPER COMMITTEE followed their leader Obama and voted "present". They punted. They "kicked the can down the road". And so here we are with our loyal President having to make the cuts to our military that the Congress voted. These mandatory cuts come after Obama got Gates to make previous cuts to downsize. So once again the Republicans took the bait, compromised, and became an accomplice in destroying the greatest nation in history.

But of course, Obama is not acting in a military vacuum. While he dismantles our forces he is making peace with the Afghanistan Taliban, with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, with the Iranian Ayatollahs, is returning Iraq to the Militant Shiites, and Libya Muslim to the same type of radical Muslims. It seems Bin Laden was a friend to the US compared to the skinny guy in the White House. With these guys all friends of Obama now we don't need a military. Right?

The Republicans are fighting back (except the 21% in Iowa who voted for a complete foreign policy idiot named Ron Paul). They are having their press secretaries make statements:

"The president has packaged our retreat from the world in the guise of a new strategy to mask his divestment of our military and national defense," said Chairman Buck McKeon, R-Calif.

"This strategy ensures American decline in exchange for more failed domestic programs," McKeon added. "In order to justify massive cuts to our military, he has revoked the guarantee that America will support our allies, defend our interests and defy our opponents. The president must understand that the world has always had, and will always have a leader. As America steps back, someone else will step forward."

"The president comparing our defense spending to the defense spending of other countries is certainly in line with his thinking that America is just like every other country. In terms of our freedoms and our attractiveness as a target, I'm absolutely confident that our enemies do not view us as just another country," said Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

Timid, timid, timid. It is time to call for the IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA, NOW!!!!!

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