Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snoop's Friends Are So Blessed

My Aunt Martha (age 87) writes a weekly column (sometimes if she feels like it) in the Hubbard City News.  Her pen name is "Snoop".  The following was published after the Christmas Holidays.

By Martha Nichols

I received an unusual but interesting Christmas letter, you know, the kind that relates the year’s activities of the family. I’d like to share it with my readers, as follows:

Dear friends,

Joe and I have had a rather productive year 2011. We have our health and enjoy our retirement.

Our daughter Nedell is pregnant again (her 2-year-old Nestle is the joy of our lives!), and we really believe her man Duke will offer her an engagement ring real soon. I’m making Nedell an off-white slipper satin wedding dress in case Duke comes through with a proposal. Pray for us.

Our son Joe Jr. is back living with us after his break-up with hell-on-wheels Durene. Junior planted us a nice garden in the backyard. He had to fence it in on account of that crazy goose, Honk, and that old dog Snure who never tires of digging. (That stupid Honk attacks me every time I go out to the clothes line, but Joe loves him). Well, Junior likes my gumbo (the secret is the roux!), so he doubled up on the okra. Things were going well until my nosy neighbor reported to the police that it was not okra. They dug it up to burn and announced to us that it was pot. Junior was arrested and we were warned, but we were able to bail him out and see that he got into rehab. We are so very blessed.

Number 2 Daughter Nedra, our scholar, flunked out of grad school and will be with us until she can get a job teaching (she has a degree she got in correspondence school from a place in Moose Breath, Saskatchewan, and did very well). She hoped to get into administration, but they said her writing and spelling were so poor they didn’t know how she got into grad school. We will love having her here with Junior gone to rehab. So good to have the children home. We’re so very blessed.

We had a lovely family reunion (50 attended!) last Thanksgiving. Everything was fine until Duke showed up drunk. My brothers, who are graduates of AA, persuaded Duke to attend a meeting. He’s working the Twelve Steps, and I do believe he will make it. Blessings just rained down in 2011!

Merry Christmas to you, dear friends, from Joe and me.

Tell us about yourselves.

Love to all, Joe and Beth Ellen Hampshire

Snoop says Happy New Year! So long.

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  1. What ever happened to the Freeze Ette? They had the best burgers