Monday, March 26, 2012

Even Idiots Would Vote 9-0 Against Obamacare

Billy Roy Mitchum, a.k.a. the Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe, called the court to order on this Monday morning coffee session of some importance.  The subject of course was the same one before the Supreme Court on this very day, that being Obamacare, or as the lefties who coffee at the Hubbard City Drugstore call it, The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.  "Kick us off on this thing, Butch.  Just what is this thing all about?  With a name like that I have this feeling of urgency to hold onto my wallet."

Not guilty of understating things Butch Jackson, who collects facts, figures, and other tidbits of some importance and of some unimportance, did a full gainer into the issue at hand, "This case before the Supreme Court goes way beyond our wallets and probably is the most important issue to the future of this very nation.  If Obama and our nation's greatest enemies who want to destroy and disrupt the American free enterprise system win, the destruction of our individual liberties and our nation's economy may become irreversible.  It will signal that this country has crossed a threshold where the moochers are in the majority, even at the Supreme Court, and the producers are a minority causing the destruction of what has been the greatest country the world has known.  To make this real simple the politicians like Obama are hellbent on convincing their voters that health care is a government given right and that it should be provided to those moochers who can not, or choose not, to buy it by the producers who are not paying their fair share."

"Butch, I think you jumped right to the main issue.  I do believe on most things, and particularly on health care, the government over promises and under delivers, runs out of money, and then blames service providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, state governments, etc.).  Lastly, the government then actually rations care by underpaying these same service providers who they claim are too greedy.  The poor patient is far from protected as advertised.  They wind up with poorer care and higher costs just opposite from what the politicians advertise.   Everybody loses, which is Obama's intent being the the anti-colonialist that he is.   Obama's plan is clearly to force everyone to buy insurance, to drive up the costs to the insurance companies, and to then blame the insurance companies for the rationing that has to follow.  He then would put in place a single payer government run plan to replace the insurance companies and destroy the greatest medical industry in the world.  He would dumb down a medical system which has dramatically increased life expectancy among other accomplishments.  Obama will take over 1/6 of this country's economy bringing it down to the level of the rest of the world, and he will do this without ever firing a shot.  He believes the US shouldn't have better health care than Kenya and the rest of the world."

"So Butch, how will this play out with the court?"

"Today, the court will hear arguments that the court should not be ruling on Obamacare because it is a mandated tax on those who do not buy insurance.  The argument is that the court can not rule on tax policies until they are put into effect.  The mandate doesn't go into effect until 2014."

"But I thought Obama claimed this wasn't a tax when he tried to sell it the folks in 2010?   Didn't he say it was a 'fine' instead?"

"Right on , BM.  He did say that before he then changed because he hopes the tax issue works better with the high court.  Remember HOPE and CHANGE?  Obama will change the truth in a minute is he hopes it will help him bring you and me to our knees."

"This guy is really a slime ball.  On day two I understand the court will hear arguments about the big issue.  That being can the federal government use the Interstate Commerce Clause to force citizens to buy a product.  This is called the Mandate.  If the court rules that citizens are not protected from mandates like this then I guess I would have the question just what rights are protected by the Constitution?  We would be just a few steps away from having to buy electric cars, solar power generators, and eating sprouts in our salads like those idiots in California.  Hell my guess is they would be just around the corner from forcing some government selected percentage of us into same sex marriages, like it or not."

Butch loves it when Billy Roy makes extrapolations like that.  "No doubt but this slope would go beyond slippery if the court goes hay wire.  This could get slicker than goose poop on hot pavement.  The third day the court hears arguments as to whether Obamacare is constitutional if the mandate is excluded.   In other words if I can't force the cows to drink, can I still force them to the water?"

BM started summing up since most of the coffee drinkers were long gone as they suffered from severe apathy and needing to get back to their important activities and stuff, "This like most big political issues today is about freedom.  Our founders knew the only way our Republic could survive was if people were not only free to act, but to think as well.  Most folks think even Supreme Court Justices don't think these days.  The four Libs vote one way while the four Conservatives vote the other way, and the one Moderate named Justice Kennedy swings according to what side of the bed he got out of that morning.  These guys like most of us are not independent thinkers, but thoughtless, gutless sheep.  What a shame.  Wouldn't it be great if the justices were honest enough to vote 9-0 that this stupid government takeover clearly violates the Constitution as written by our founding geniuses?  Any idiot knows you can't force someone to buy insurance if they don't want to.  Free people are accoutable for their actions.  No insurance, no assistance with your health care bills.  Wouldn't it be great if our Supreme Court Justices were as smart and as honest as an idiot?  Wouldn't it be great is one time they would rule against moochers?"

Think about it,


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