Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Is Our Commander and Chief Doing With His Good War?

Butch Jackson just can't let the Afghanistan thing alone. Guess it is because Butch lost his Dad in the military. "The Obama strategy of surrendering in the Middle East was clear. Call Afghanistan the 'good' war and Iraq the 'bad-Bush' war. Pull out of Iraq leaving only an embassy, and who cares if the Iranians take over. Commit to a 'token surge' in Afghanistan giving the soldiers only half of what they ask for while at the same time announcing our pull out date by 2014 so that no enemy in the 'good' war would take us seriously. He thought they would be smart enough to just wait us out. And lastly, Obama would negotiate with the 'good' Taliban and charm them into at least saying they would co-operate with a coalition once we left. Meanwhile Obama would sit in Washington and harass anyone he determined was a 'bad' guy with unmanned drones."

"So how do you think its going Billy Roy?"

Oops, of course Butch knows that BM can't leave this topic alone since we have lost more young soldiers since the half-assed surge than we did in the 8 years before not to mention a lot of really good Brits as well. "Well, surprise, surprise the latest set of events ain't good. A U.S. soldier is suspected of killing 16 Afghan civilians in a solitary shooting spree early Sunday. These attacks followed by a few weeks the killing of two U.S. officers at the hand of an Afghan soldier working in Kabul's secure Interior Ministry. He shot a Colonel and Major in their heads. Earlier still, Korans and Islamic religious materials were burned at Bagram Air Field in response to the captured terrorists using them to pass notes."

Billy Roy continued,"Both of these killings have huge psychological and political impact. The psychological pressure on every side of the Afghanistan conflict has become enormous. The war has gone on for more than 10 years, and while the Taliban have always opposed U.S. and NATO troops, supporters of the regime of Afghan President Hamid Karzai now distrust them as well. The United States is looking for a way out, and Karzai supporters understand what this might mean to them personally, like they could take slugs in the back of their heads as well."

"The United States and its allies now face both the Taliban and the growing dissatisfaction of other Afghans. In other words Obama has no friends which is criminal since the smart alec's key stated intent with the American-led 'surge' was to win Afghan 'hearts and minds'. This is what seems to happen particularly when weak leaders try to play politics with wars. What happened to the 'Powell Doctrine' of never committing American troops without the intention of WINNING?"

"So BM, what would you do? You sound anti-war", Butch in a rare moment put his leader on the spot.

"I am absolutely anti-war with a commander in chief who is hell bent on retreating from our role as leader of the free world. This President is out to sabotage us whether we are negotiating treaties with the Russians, playing footsie with sanctions and diplomacy with the Iranians, trading food and money to the Koreans for false promises on their nukes, supporting every terrorist uprising we can find in the Obama Spring, or worst of all, doing everything he can to cripple the Israeli's ability to defend themselves. I HOPE we bring every soldier home asap until we can CHANGE this administration."

With that BM adjourned this coffee break.

This writer doesn't believe Obama is the only saboteur. The Republican Presidential candidates that want to hack at each other and take this silly media driven race to the Republican Convention are sabotaging the Republican Party and the American people as well.  This process is the only thing I know that can re-elect  a bad joke like Barrack Hussein Obama.

Think about it,


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