Monday, April 30, 2012

Great News As Obama Avoids War With Iran

Billy Roy kicked off the week with those immortal, yet very local words, "What's in the news, Butch?"

And surprise, surprise Butch had a pocket full, "Front page of most liberal papers broadcast 'Officials say Iran war less likely'. Now there is some real news. ‘Unnamed, anonymous administration sources’ (that would be Obama's campaign managers) seem to believe the meeting we held, in which nothing happened except the setting of another meeting a full month later, plus the UN sanctions were making military action less likely. The article even quoted an OUTSIDE analyst, Dennis Ross, who formerly handled Iran policy for Obama. Boy, it doesn't get more OUTSIDE than that. This article was backed by none other than the Viet Nam traitor, Senator John Kerry, who said, 'I have confidence there is a way forward'. And who doesn’t have confidence in John Kerry when it comes to the nation’s security? So what do you make of this BM?"

"Butch, I saw that article. This Dennis Ross said that even though there isn't an agreement between the US and Israel as to how much time we have before military action is required, there is agreement that, 'there is some time to give diplomacy a chance'. I would guess the Israeli's are talking weeks and months and Obama is talking NEVER. Certainly, Obama doesn't want any Israeli attack before the election. And if they attack after the election, I have big money Obama will not participate, and will blame Israel for any fall out."

"Meanwhile I have no doubt that Obama is up to some real dirty tricks in Israel. He is clearly stirring up unrest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu within the opposing political parties in Israel. Netanyahu's term in office expires in October of 2013 while Obama's term runs out in November of this year. However in Israel it is common for them to call for elections earlier than the expiration of the term. So you can bet Obama is doing everything he can to try to tie the current Prime Minister up with a re-election in 2012 making it difficult to strike Iran prior to our election. Obama's press lackeys, the Associated Press, reported this weekend, 'Israel's own elites (that would be (Jewish Liberals) and the world community (that would be Obama and Iran) seem largely united in preferring Netanyahu's demise'. You can bet the Iranians are cheering those elites on."

Mom could wait no longer, "Could the press really believe that anyone in their right minds would think the Iranians will slow down in anyway in developing nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them because of talks with Obama or any silly UN economic sanctions?" She was looking right at Billy Roy with this one.

"No Mam. The Associated Press doesn't believe it and they don't care as long as the scheme will help Obama's re-election efforts. In fact I will bet you the Iranians will fake a slow down in their race to nukes and drag out negotiations to gain time and bring pressure against Netanyahu. Obama will be in cahoots with the Iranian terrorists by praising their willingness to negotiate and will support lifting sanctions as the talks progress. It will all be a huge hoax."

Mom came back, "Yes and that hoax will result in the greatest threat we have to the free world. I can't think of anything worse than arming the Iranian Muslim Radicals with nuclear weapons that they can use on their Jewish and Arab enemies and can sell to other terrorists around the world. I think any sane person would believe this is a bigger threat than North Korea, China, Russia, Al Qaeda, or Syria, and yet it looks like Obama will treat it like any other of his dirty political tricks. He will lie, lie, and lie."

Butch's antenna came up, "Speaking of Syria, Obama said when he gave military support to the Libyan rebels, 'it was our responsibility to protect those threatened with massacre. To not do so would be a betrayal of who we are'. Sounds great, huh. Meanwhile, Assad in Syria is beyond the threatening stage and has massacred over 9,000 of his own people as Obama protects American Women against mean old Republicans. And what does skinny do with Syria but support UN travel and financial restrictions on those who use social media to track down dissidents. Can you believe it?"

"Yep," came back BM. "Obama is up to his old tricks. He acts as if our only possible actions against Syria are to support the UN's impotent initiatives (which will be voted down by the Russians) or to go to war by putting boots on the ground. As Maxine say's 'any sane person' knows this is a false choice. We could be arming and training the revolutionaries in support of their efforts while organizing additional support outside of the UN with those threatened by the Syrian/Iranian thugs. That would include every country except Russia, Iran, and Syria."

Aunt Martha even entered this exchange, "Obama is doing more than you outlined, Billy Roy. He has also appointed an Atrocities Prevention Board. That has got to send real chills up that mean old Assad’s spine, if he has one."

And that last one brought this coffee to a close on this day at the Hubbard City Cafe.

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