Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Obama War On Our Economy: Taxageddon

Seemed like a pretty slow day at the Cafe so Billy Roy, as he is apt to do when he is semi-bored, turned to Butch Jackson who is never bored if he can have the opportunity to listen to himself, "Butch, what is newsworthy these days that really matters? Seems the press is cluttered with Obama's 'junk' campaign issues. Big stuff like a new dead-on-arrival tax on ECONOMIC PRODUCERS and his heart rendering stories of his drug youth when he had to get help (a free ride) from the government to get his education (not only were records never released to the public, he and his wife gave up their cherished licenses to practice law for semi-unknown reasons).”

"BM, you were the first to identify Obama's life mission to destroy the USA economically, spiritually, and militarily. I like to call it the 'Obama Wars on America'. Some are calling it, 'TAXAGEDDON'.  Well in only 8 short months this nation's economy will be destroyed by a huge tax avalanche, and it has nothing to do with the hypocrite, zillionaire Warren Buffett nor his secretary. They, like many others with names like Clinton, Gore, Soros, and General Electric are in Obama's tank. This means they are positioned to profit big time as the US economy is destroyed. In other words they are ‘shorting’ America. Consider this. On January 1, 2013 (only two short months after Obama's re-election) taxes for Americans will go up by at least $494 billion. That is at least one half of a trillion dollars moving from our failing economy to the federal government. Here is the list of the dominoes that start falling:

(1) The expiration of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts on all income levels.
(2) The payroll tax cut 'holiday' expires.
(3) The patch on the Alternative Minimum Tax expires punishing middle class taxpayers. This was the government's first version of the 'Buffett Rule' to punish PRODUCERS. It now impacts 38 million Americans, most of which are in the middle class. Why? No adjustments have been made to move the limits up with inflation. Cute!
(4) The ability for businesses to fully expense capital investments expires slowing business expansion even more.
(5) The tax cuts from the 2009 stimulus expire on taxpayers in lower brackets.
(6) On top of all that, Obamacare's new taxes will arrive, and we still don't know to what extent but they will be huge.
(7) Even the death tax will rise to 55 percent while the exemption will fall forcing those who inherit small farms and businesses into liquidation to pay their taxes.
(8) The Federal Reserve will continue to print money while food and oil prices escalate to devalue every American's hard earned assets (this is a tax on everyone).
(9) The marriage penalty returns.
(10) Meanwhile, the possibility of an Obama re-election is creating uncertainty in tax policy causing job creators to take a step back prior to year end not hiring, nor expanding since they don't know what the future will hold.'

"Experts say this will add $3,800 to the tax burden of an average family. I think it will be way larger than this. BM, do you think I’m over-hyping this thing?"

"Butch, I don’t think you are telling half the story. This is an Obama War on the US Economy. He also sucker punches the Military. When Obama pushed through his super-committee farce to get his debt ceiling raised so he could finance his skyrocketing deficit, which has increased by over $5 trillion since he polluted the White House with his arrival, he was forced to make spending cuts by the half-smart Republicans. So he said half of the cuts must come from Defense which is another of Obama's 'balanced' programs which is really a flat out Obama War on the Military. These cuts must begin in 2013 as well."

"Look at the timing. Obviously these calamities have been pushed by this traitorous President past his re-election. Let's look at the scenario. After the election in November the Congress will have to go into a lame duck session since many of the politicians will have been voted out or retiring. So a crippled Congress will have to act within 30 days or so to avoid these catastrophic blows to our economy. If Obama is re-elected it is quite clear by now he will insist on 'a balanced approach' knowing Republicans will not go along. The results will be a gridlocked government as we go over the cliff or the Republicans will have to crater, but we still go over the cliff just not as fast. If Romney is elected, he has the same 30 days to try to push through legislative fixes. Even if he has a supportive Republican Congress, the results will be at best poor, legislation in that no legislature can act efficiently in such a short time period."

"Now back to the big issues if Obama is re-elected, does any sane person think that an economy staggering along at a 1.5% growth rate with 15 million unemployed workers and a $15 trillion national debt growing at almost $2 trillion a year can survive these taxes on workers, job creators, and the ancestors of the deceased (THE PRODUCERS)? The answer is obviously by Obama's own design, NO. And a growing economy is our only way out of this mess, along with real spending cuts.”

"And Obama is obviously thinking, PERFECT. It is as his father dreamed in his hatred of colonialist powers like the United States of America. It is the dreams played out that Obama received FROM his father (it's in the book). Obama will make his father proud as he brings the USA to its knees. His solution to the problem is obvious. It will be even more taxes in the name of fairness, on the rich (currently the top 1% pay as much in taxes as the bottom 95%), massive reductions in military spending (bring the troops home), and more government regulation of the economy (reign in the thieves and polluters). Where will he place the blame? Old rich, white, greedy businessmen. And, of course, George Bush's failed policies!!"

"Meanwhile Obama is distracting the media and voters with ridiculous issues like the Republicans war on women, the Buffett rule, and his complete and total lies on the repercussions of Paul Ryan's budgetary attempts to get the nation on the right economic track. Obama's intentions are total destruction of the USA. Obama's actions are criminal. Obama's character is traitorous."

Do any of you readers doubt this in any way? Do any of you believe that a re-elected Obama will work with a Republican congress to avoid this disaster (he has no allegiance to the USA)?

Think about it but with great urgency.

After November, 2012 it will be too late.


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