Monday, April 9, 2012

Wondering What Per Cent of The American Electorate Are For America, Anymore?

News from the Hubbard City Cafe has been pretty slow what with Billy Roy Mitchum being recognized last week as Citizen of the Year by the Hubbard Chamber of Commerce.  Seems there was some roasting that went on at the meeting, and BM, being the sensitive type that he surely is, has been a little slow recovering.  You know the kind of things that are said at meetings like this.  Things like if BM was the self made man many say he is and that if he really had that kind of power, he would have built a hell-luv-a better thing than a Billy Roy Mitchum.

Well the good news to some is that he is back coffeeing at the Cafe and chairing daily sessions mostly political in nature.  Mom was anxious to get back in the swing of things so she started, "What are the big things going on in Washington?  What should we be hoping for and what are they changing?"

"Good question, Butch, what is on the front page," Billy Roy, as you all know, doesn't like to go first.

"The real truth about JOBS and and the economy oozed out to some degree on Friday, but you have to be Sherlock Holmes to understand it.  First, folks need to know that for this country to get back to a truthful and honest minimum of 6% unemployment we need to create 300-400 thousand jobs a month for a good 2 to 3 years.  We had been limping along creating 200 thousand or so each month and then reducing the size of the work force to make it look like we were making better progress than we really are.  In March we only created a little over 100 thousand jobs.  The cheaters keeping books had to claim that over 250 thousand people dropped out of the workforce so they could claim unemployment dropped to 8.3%.  With the economy growing at an annual rate of only 2-2.5% this makes this recovery the slowest in history.  Without recovery we can't put the 13 million folks back to work.  Obama has to cook the books to show some improvement so he can plea to voters 'don't stop us in our recovery' when we should have already recovered from the '07 recession.  So this slow limping along of the recovery is a key part of Obama's plan to destroy the US economy since our deficit continues to soar at pace of over $1 trillion each year of his reign.  Given another four years, we become a huge Greece like disaster where the suicide rate of those losing pensions and assets is sky rocketing."

Scott Riddle, local cattle czar and insurance tycoon, chimed in, "Gasoline, even in Waco, was selling at $3.89 a gallon.  You can imagine what the dummies in California and Illinois are paying.  Prices have more than doubled since Obama hoped for higher prices and made changes to our energy regulations.  An economist recently said his study showed that for every $.01 (that would be one cent) the price goes up at the pump it takes $1.5 Billion out of our disposable spending.  This is money people can't spend on other things like food, shelter, and doctor bills.  That would be over $270 billion that Obama has taken out of the U.S economy just by enabling higher gasoline prices.  This is anther huge ploy to weaken and destroy the US economy as he argues,' there is really nothing the President can do'."

Mom pushed on, "Billy Roy, I know you feel Obama not only wants to weaken us economically but also spiritually and militarily.  Any big news in these areas recently."

"Good question, Maxine.  News about Obama's attack on religious freedom  is being waged under the Obama mainstream media banner of a Republican War on Women.  An idiot pitch doesn't get dumber than this, and yet some people are falling for it.  The recently ordained American Catholic Cardinal Dolan spoke more directly than the church has ever spoken against a political leader in saying Obama was using the insurance issue in an attempt to divide the Catholic Church between conservatives and liberals.  Obama's vehicle for interfering in religious freedom is Obamacare.  He sees Obamacare as his Trojan horse to gain access and control to higher taxes and more government control over the life of every citizen.  So the Obama war to destroy our Judea/Christian roots are in full attack mode.  He is aiming his deceit right at women, gays, unions, minorities, and non-taxpayers."

"And then of course you have our withdrawal from the world stage.  While Obama's folks were negotiating with the Afghan government that our military would have to get permission from an Afghan committee before they could raid suspected Taliban terrorists, the North Koreans were launching long range missiles and planning their next underground nuclear tests while negotiating with Obama for huge gifts of food if they would just talk about de-nuking, and while the Syrians agreed to a cease fire they also escalated their attacks on protesters, I repeat, while these things were going on, our crack Secretary of State, Sir Hillary, was talking tuff---and I mean big time!" 

"When asked about our plan to keep Iran from getting nukes, Hillary said, 'We have the time and space to gain an agreement through peaceful means.  However, our time limits are not infinite.  Everything is on the table.'  Wow that will send a chill up the skirts of those extremist Muslim Clerics.  Meanwhile when the Israeli foreign secretary was asked the same question, he said, "Your Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, said the Iranians could have nukes by the end of 2012.  If this is true all nations will then be at risk from major terrorists threats, complete instability with the world's primary source of oil, and from economic disruptions worldwide.  And I haven't mentioned the threat to Israel alone.'  In other words, Sir Hillary is shooting Obama loaded blanks at the Iranian Muslim terrorists."

Even Mom could sum this one up.  "It appears that as Obama spends millions, and aided and abetted by his State Sponsored Mainstream Media, in efforts for re-election, he continues to destroy this country economically, spiritually, and militarily?"

BM relished the question, "Yep, and we ain't seen nuthin yet.  As Obama told Medvedev, the Russian President, when he thought his mike was off, 'Missle defense can be solved, but it is important to give me space....This is my last election.  After my election, I have flexibility.'  As we know Obama wants to destroy our military leadership throughout the world.  In missile-defense we has a huge lead in technology.  As bad guys like the North Koreans and Iranians get long range missiles with nuclear warheads, missile defense will be critical to the free world.  And Obama wants to negotiate it away to the Russians who have nothing to offer in return as their nuclear arsenal becomes more and more obsolete.  Reagan bankrupted the Soviets.  Now Obama wants to bankrupt the US so that no country has an advantage of any other.  He doesn't care, nor can he tell, the good guys from the bad guys since he has no moral compass.  Obama should be impeached just for his intentions alone.  And Rasmussen says he is leading Romney in the polls."

"Makes you wonder what per cent of the American electorate are for Americans. anymore?"

Sure does,


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