Friday, June 8, 2012

Back To The Good Old American Way?

Butch was red faced and very loud as he came through the front door of the Hubbard City Cafe, "Obama told a group of college students in Arizona yesterday, 'There are those who ask why I am working to keep interest rates on student loans from going up when I should be working on the economy.  They don't understand that this is the economy'.  Typical bullshit and deceit from the MASTER OF BULLSHIT AND DECEIT.  Same old tactics.  Set up a fictional straw man inferring that it is one of Obama's adversaries (Conservative Radicals) and compare your rational approach against the straw man.  This skinny, flop eared liar does it over and over.  In this case the day before the speech John Boehner proposed avoiding the adjustment of interest rates back to the originals by paying for them by cutting budget items that Obama had recommended in his own budget.  Of course Obama has no intention of cutting anything knowing his budget would not be passed.  Obama tactics are pure and simple scare techniques aimed at the dumb and dumber crowd of moochers.  Fabricate a position for some unnamed opposition, demonize it, and claim your extreme Liberal position is therefore balanced and moderate.  Only imbeciles would fall for this, and the polls are showing there are not enough imbeciles out there to re-elect skinny."

This was an unusual coffee session since none other than Billy Mack Weller, owner/operator of the Country Kitchen, was having coffee at his friendly rivals from across Magnolia avenue.  Billy Mack climbed all over this straw man deceit, "How about New York City?  Mayor Bloomberg with the help of none other than Michelle, herself, has wants to out law any non-diet soda over 16 ounces to protect Americans from obesity.  They say their focus is on the children.  They say there are too many kids that are starving, and too many that are obese.  Sounds like the three bears.  They want to make it 'just right' for everyone."

"It is typical Liberal BS which is supported by the worthless political elite.  Harvard professor Daniel E. Lieberman writes in The New York Times that there are only three options in the obesity debate. The first is to do nothing. The second is better nutritional education. 'The final option,' he says, 'is to collectively restore our diets to a more natural state through regulations.' This approach is consistent with the way America's political class likes to frame every debate as a choice between doing nothing and letting the government do it."

"Most real Americans see a fourth option, THE GOOD OLD AMERICAN WAY."

"And what would that be, Billy," asked none other than my Mom, Maxine.

"One that is consistent with traditional American values: Let individuals make their own choices, and then let them bear the burden or reap the reward of those choices.  In other words let individuals take responsibility for their actions.  The truth is this is the only solution to this country's problems and to an individuals personal problems.  If you live a healthy life style of exercise, diet, and medical care you benefit.  If you don't you pay the price.   That's the reason Americans overwhelmingly support the notion that health insurance companies should have the freedom to offer discounts to non-smokers."

"The same logic applies to other lifestyle choices. Sixty-three percent think insurance companies should offer discounts to individuals who make good health choices.  The free market is all about accountability and responsibility.  The government and their lawyer buddies want to make everyone a victim.  My favorite golf partner tells me when I hit a bad shot that it is not my fault, and therefore, I shouldn't count the stroke in my score.  I love the guy but it doesn't make my game any better just like the government doesn't make a person's life any better.  Seems like to me blaming Bush for this economy hasn't made the economy any better, and neither will blaming soda cups larger than 16 ounces.  Hell, what are they going after next?  Chicken fried steak?  Over my dead body!"

Billy Roy Mitchum was just taking it all in, as Chairmen are apt to do, "Well the Chicago thugs have gone after Mitt's business record at Bain, and oops, folks compared it to Solyndra.  They then went after his record as Governor of Massachusetts, and oops, folks compared it to Obama's record running the USA.  Now they are going after the Legislature where the Senate is run by their very own Demwits, and the Dems who are running for re-election are pushing back on that ploy.  Oops, oops, oops."

 "So they then say let's trot out Old Slick Willie, 'he'll get em'.  But these new modern news reporting devices are causing problems.  They report daily what Slick Willie actually says, and of course he lies like a hound dog seeking employment at an Alpo plant.  This last lie was one of his very best.  He says he didn't know the Bush Tax Cuts DIDN'T EXPIRE until after the election and apologized for saying they should be temporarily extended.  Now if he didn't know any particulars about the Bush Tax Cuts why the hell is anyone supposed to listen to him, and if he did know (which he did) he is lying as usual.  This all adds up to the latest polls showing 43% for Romney and 43% for Skinny.  That leaves 14% undecided or for another candidate.  Taking the Dick Morris rule (80-100% of the undecided polling will vote against the incumbent) Romney has an 11-14% lead.  If the vote was held today, Romney would win BIG TIME."

"My prediction is the Chicago Thugs will continue to do stupid things giving Romney a lead of something like 46-41%.  Then these thugs will do something really big and really dirty sometime in the last 60 days of the race.  They will bomb Iran, release tests that it was actually Romney's DNA on Monica's blue dress, put Mrs. Slick Willie on the ticket if her girl friend will let her run, or create daily race, gender, and class OCCUPY RIOTS at all voting locations in the swing states.  And of course, they will say the Republicans and Romney will steal the social security trust fund and rob medicare so they can give larger tax loopholes to the fat cats.  They will make the dust fly as best they can while challenging the voting results in all the swing states."

"My faith in the American people and my confidence that the Chicago crowd are so nasty that I believe this election will cause a return to good old fashioned American values of equality, liberty, and freedom for all centered on individual accountability and responsibility.  Americans, including many moochers, will have to go back to work and many will go back to church having tasted the nasty life of socialist thugs.  Obama will go down in history as a MINOR LEAGUE THUG who didn't reach the heights of the  likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.  The difference is the American people will have caught on to Obama before he made the Major Leagues.  Also, being skinny and flop eared didn't help him either."

Think about it,


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