Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Romney Ryan Ticket

I couldn't wait to visit the Cafe to get their reaction to the selection of Paul Ryan after having been away on vacation (to Michigan which was great, and then to Lulu Land, California which was as expected) so I called Billy Roy to get a short briefing:

"Jim, I think Mitt's choice was pure Mitt, that being honest and courageous.  Folks need to remember this guy isn't really a politician, thank God.  He is a CEO, and a successful one at that.  Mitt picked the best man to join his team and to replace him if needed just like a great CEO would do.  Politics be damned.  Here were his choices as I saw them.

He could have gone politically cautious:

A: Select a candidate that would improved his chances of gaining swing states. Portman of Ohio would be one. Rubio of Florida, another.

B: Stay general, some say vague, in the specifics of his plans for tax, Medicare and Social Security reform. Same with his plans to reduce the size and regulatory power of government, and protect military spending.  This makes a smaller target for Obama to demagogue and keeps the focus on Obama's record.  This is what the typical DC consultant would have advised.

C. Hopefully win the Presidency in a squeaker, win the Senate and House, and engage the Democrats hoping to save the nation from economic disaster.

Or he could go bold:

A: Select a candidate, Paul Ryan, who will not only present the specifics of economic plans to save the nation from economic collapse but will indeed make those specifics the deciding factor in the November election. This is an "all in" move.

B: Bet the election on Mitt's belief that you can tell the truth to voters in 7-8 swing states about reform in a way they are willing to not only accept, but support in the voting booth.  Take advantage of Ryan's brilliant mind and that great smile.

C: Win the Presidency, House, and Senate along with the support of a majority of voters who have endorsed the specifics of a bold plan to reform government returning it to a constitutionally driven  free economy.  In other words go for a mandate not just on your team but on your policies as well."

"Jim you were once a CEO.  You know that unless you have the support of your people you don't want the job.  Right?  We cowboys love the way Romney has saddled up to take Obama and the idiot Biden head on with the issues that really matter.  After all, any intelligent person knows we are headed for economic disaster unless we change leadership."

Well, I felt better after talking with Billy Roy.  I felt even better after hearing Romney take on Obama's Chicago style campaigning tactics.  Instead of responding specifically to the lies and distortions, he went after the tactics.  Romney used terms like gutter.  He said Obama was beneath the decency of the office of the President.  He basically called Obama and his people liars while explaining why they had to stoop to such tactics, that being they couldn't run on their record.  Romney's alternative could be to counter each lie and distortion by attempting to correct these falsehoods which would put him on the defensive.  And remember the press isn't going to seek the truth.  Instead Romney is exposing the Chicago thugs for what they are and not honoring their trash by refuting it.  Smart!!

In summing up, both Romney and Ryan come from the Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan schools of economics.  They know the only way to get out of this economic mess is to GROW.  While reductions are needed, only cutting government spending will not fix the problem.  Currently our expenses exceed our revenues at the federal level by about $1 trillion dollars with revenues in the $2.5 trillion neighborhood and spending in the $3.5 trillion range.  That $3.5 trillion is broken down about 1/3 defense and other expenses, 1/3 social security/medicare/medicaid, and the last 1/3 (frighteningly) interest on our debt.  Our country's gross domestic product is growing at an anemic 1-1.8% and will go negative if we continue with our current administration's plans.  WE NEED TO GROW OUR ECONOMY AT LEAST AT A 4% ANNUAL RATE.  And it can be done.  We just need to reform our tax code to provide incentives for businesses to invest while removing burdensome regulations from our private sector.  Eliminating the threats that Barrack Hussein Obama brings to all business people would unleash a growth spurt like we have never seen.

No one understands this better than the Romney/Ryan team.

Mitt, you done good.  Go get the SOBs.


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