Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Commander in Chief is right on schedule?

Got a chance to catch up with Billy Roy Michum, unofficial semi-official chairman of the board of the one and only Hubbard City Cafe (a place where Ronald Reagan would have had coffee if he had been a serious coffee drinker of some renown).  I had a question regarding the high marks the polls, and supposedly the public, give Obama in his leadership of foreign affairs and American security, "BM, how is Obama doing and should he be getting the high marks?"

"Jim, you seem to be the only guy asking this question.  I think the President is right on schedule.  He is leading from behind and pushing the free world right over the WWIII cliff.  As anybody with a brain larger than an English pea knows, the skinny one aims to reduce our country to third world standards in three areas:  economically, culturally (includes the God stuff), and in world affairs (our leadership of the free world).  The truth is Obama has made more progress in diminishing us around the world than he has in the other two.  I honestly think we can recover faster economically once we send him back to Kenya or Indonesia or California or Chicago or one of those places."

"That's pretty harsh stuff.  How so, BM?"

"Just look at the progress he makes every week.  This week the Congress told Obama and Hillary if they didn't put the Haqqani, so called militants, on the terrorist list the Congress would take action.  This happened after many warnings to the administration, and this time they were given a deadline of next Monday.  Hillary acted on last Thursday to put them on the list which means they have ten days to get their money out of US banks or we will freeze the funds (big deal).  Obama and Hillary didn't want to take action because they wanted to negotiate with the Haqqani so Obama can pull American troops out by his 2014 committed date.  Remember he surged and announced his surrender date at the same time.  Well this weekend the Haqqani's tied a bomb to a 14 boy and killed 6 Afghan people including children near NATO headquarters."

"An Haqqani leader celebrated by announcing that he will launch 80-100 attacks on US troops because of Obama's action.  And of course, these radical Muslims would like nothing better than to sit down with Hillary and negotiate being the way their treat their women.  They would bitch slap her big time.  And who is this group Obama wants to negotiate with?  Here is what WIKIPEDIA says:

In late 2011, a 144-page book attributed to Sirajuddin Haqqani began circulating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Described by Newsweek as a "manual for guerrillas and terrorists," the Pashto-language book details instructions on setting up a jihadi cell, receiving financing, recruiting and training. The manual advises recruits that parental permission is not necessary for jihad, that all debts should be paid before joining, and that suicide bombings and beheadings are allowed by Islam.

"Look we need to get our heads out of our rears.  Obama wants to claim these are moderate Muslims like the Taliban that he can work with.  Obama wants to pull out of Afghanistan, just like he did in Iraq, and leave it in the hands of his Muslim terrorist friends.  This sounds like an overstatement but if you believe Obama really is an 'anti neocolonialist' you must also believe he has things in the Middle East right on schedule.  Every time he takes credit for our peace in Iraq, I go crazy.  He pulled out on George Bush's schedule and claims he did it alone.  Of course, Bush would never have pulled out with out contingency plans and forces to insure our Iraq war was for nothing.  Iraq is closer to the Iranians today then they are the free world."

This wasn't the only news regarding the Obama/Hillary teams progress in destroying the free world.  Remember when skinny told the Russian, "I can be more flexible after the election."  Well Hillary pledged this week that the US, "will soon lift Cold War-era trade sanctions on Russia."  The same week Russia again rejected our calls for increased pressure on Syria and Iran.  Obama claims 'his' sanctions are working.  Could someone tell me how?"

"To net it out.  The Obama plans to strength all US enemies and to weaken the free world is right on schedule.  In the Middle East once Syria joins the Arab Spring and the Egyptian generals are overthrown our former allies are reduced to the Saudi's.  Obama's re-election will insure their fall and of course Israel will be toast.  And of course, Obama is working hard to disarm and reduce our military including our nuclear weaponry as Russia and China only grow stronger and more aggressive.  China is pushing in the far east to 'settle' territorial disputes which means they will start claiming their rights to take over countries in that part of the world.  Does anyone think Obama will push back?"

"The polls?  Sadly many folks agree with Obama that the US deserves a 'come down'.  Others are 'war weary' and just hope we can all get along.  If we don't bother anyone maybe they will just leave us alone.  Hitler, Pearl Harbor, and the Holocaust suggests that strategy hasn't worked for us so far."

Think about it,


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