Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hillary, "What difference does it make?"

Billy Roy has been rehabbing from the November election and gone purt near quite. That was until he was channel surfing yesterday and happened to see one of his least favorite people in the whole world right there on TV. Who? The one they call Hillary!

Seems she is screaming as if Monica Lewinsky had entered the room,” The fact is we have four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because we had four guys out for a walk who decided they wanted to kill Americans? What difference at this point does it make?"

First let's identify WHO believes it does matter? First, the relatives and friends of the four Americans who were murdered think it matters. Next every American citizen who is threatened by al Qaeda terrorists, which is every American citizen, believes it makes a difference who and how our people were murdered in Benghazi. Every person in our Foreign Service around the world whose lives are at risk believes it matters. Lastly, those people tasked with the job of hunting down the murdering islamic terrorists believe it makes a difference.

In fact it makes a difference to everyone it appears except Obama, Hillary, Rice, and their "Progressive" accomplices who want to forget the whole thing, cover up their incompetence and deceit, and move on to bankrupting the nation.

Even the so called conservative pundits praised Hillary for her intelligence and ability to play the Washington game better than the Republican congressmen who supposedly were questioning Bill Clinton's biggest Bimbo. Hillary is not intelligent. She is a hideous, despicable, and deceiving human being, and always has been. When she babbles before the microphone she insults the intelligence of anyone with any intelligence. For four years she has served by giving Obama cover in his American retreat around the world from the oil rich Middle East to Northern Africa. We have surrendered our influence to militant Islamic terrorists all by design. Obama has been planning this his entire life. Check out the little examples Does anyone believe we just happen to base our contingency reaction troops in Italy. This is almost far enough away to keep them from being able to respond quickly to problems in the Middle East and North African hot spots. At least our leaders can make that claim. Even if they have to make our troops spend 90 minutes changing out of their uniforms before they embark. If we have to "go in" let's not piss off the Libyans by wearing hated American uniforms. But of course, this administration never feels they have to "go in".

Bottom line, given a choice between protecting American Foreign Service workers or not pissing off Obama's Muslim buddies, our people are toast.

Those who claim Obama doesn't have a strategy for terrorism have it all wrong. Clearly his strategy is to "play nice and maybe they will leave us alone as the Muslim people regain their rights to rule their own countries". When that doesn't work, like in Benghazi, then treat it like a crime. Slowly and patiently have our law enforcement (FBI) go through their process to gather evidence and legally pursue suspects. All along blaming their ineffectiveness on foreign governments. It is a total farce and Obama knows it.

Why was Petraeus removed from the CIA? Did he have sex with a young intern in the oval office? Did he sexually assault a Ms. Broderick by almost biting her lip off? Did he have a Jennifer Flowers who wrote about his organ in Playboy Magazine? If it was only about sex in Hillary's husband's case what changed in General Petraeus case? Or just maybe Patraeus took his job at the CIA too seriously. And what did General McChrytal, our other heroic warrior, do to get fired? Let his staff criticize our President's policies in a big liberal magazine? Our brightest and best military leaders are falling like flies. They are being replaced by gays, women, and any other group of Obama supporters looking for a job. Obama has made the US Military irrelevant in today's world. What difference does it make if we are depending on the French and the UN to protect us as we lead from behind?

There is that term again. What difference does it make?

Well let's get back to the edge our seats as we anxiously await Senator Reid's Senate budget. Boy are we kicking those Obama-ites' butts. Try not to think about,

Jim, channeling Billy Roy Michum at the Hubbard City Cafe

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