Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Conversation with Billy Roy Mitchum

Since the 2012 election, stolen by Obama and his Chicago thugs, many of you may have noticed Billy Roy Mitchum, locally semi-famous song writer, singer, and espouser of local wisdom, has been in somewhat of a retreat mode concerning politics. Missing him as I do I have most recently attempted to entice him back onto the playing field. My approach has been somewhat devious but you know sometimes the ends justify the means. I have been sending BM selected copies of the Austin American Statesmen (what a name when Pravda would be a better fit). I know, I know, it is a despicable act on my part.    But it worked, big time.

Last week visiting the Hubbard City CafĂ© I tested the effectiveness of my devious and underhanded tactics.  You be the judge of its effectiveness.

“BM are you getting the news straight from the Capitol City?” I opened.

“Yep, and thanks. Through the winter they made great fire starters. But with the weather warming somewhat I have started reading the damn things.”

“Your reaction to the news,” I tried to keep it simple and tight.

“First it caused a recurrence of my lower back pain. That be the butt, Jim.”

“And how do you think things are going?” and then came the BM avalanche!

“A re-elected Obama is clearly the most dangerous man in America’s history is the short answer. As we have said before he has one major goal and three key strategies. The goal is to diminish the USA and free world as we know it. The strategies are to destroy USA leadership militarily, economically, and culturally. He has,and is, making great progress.

First militarily, our greatest threat is easily the Worldwide Muslim Jihadist movement driven by revolutions and terrorists attacks. I don’t know if Obama is a Muslim, but I do know he likes them a hell-of-a lot better than a Southern Baptist. Obama pulled out of Iraq without leaving a residual force (he didn’t negotiate the Status of Forces Agreement) calling it the ‘Bad War’. In Iraq we had routed Al-Qaida, taken down the Sadr Shiite extremists, and had a base in Iraq to control the air space throughout the Middle East. Now we have nothing but military graves and kids wounded for life.  The cunning Obama then turned to the ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan where we had driven the Al-Qaida friendly Taliban out of office and control after the 911 attack.

Obama declared the elected Afghan government corrupt and launched an understaffed phony ‘surge’ while announcing a pull out date. No one could be that dumb. It had to be on purpose. He, just last week, announced the start of negotiations with the Taliban despite President Karzai’s objections (the worst role in the world today is serving as an ally of Obama as ‘you are toast’). He again has no agreement on a residual force after our departure. Same old tune. Meanwhile the Taliban goes into girls schools and poisons their water. Strange that Obama would make peace with the women friendly Taliban while he goes after Republicans here in the US because of the Republican War on Women. Makes you wonder just what kind of idiots would believe anything Obama says? Makes you wonder do feminist Obama supporters (who are mostly cultural losers) really care about women or do they seek power and advantage over the hated white male?

In Syria Obama creates this stupid ‘red line’ regarding chemical weapons. Uses it for months to justify his inaction. And now pledges some amount of small arms for unidentified ‘good radical Muslims’ who don’t need them anyway. I actually think Putin may be on the right side in the Syrian issue. Assad may be less dangerous than Obama’s radical Muslim Brotherhood crowd. Just look at Egypt where Obama continues to give money and serious weapons. In any case Obama has no strategy except to not get involved and has never given one speech on Syria to the American people. Meanwhile the world hangs on Obama’s every word about his small arms support and his red line while OBAMA IS COMPLETELY SILENT ON IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM.

And how about Russia? Remember Hillary (the greatest Secretary of State ever and next President) and her reset. That ‘reset’ began, with her presentation of a big red button to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in March 2009. The button was supposed to say ‘reset’ in Russian, but as Lavrov pointed out to Clinton in the presentation ceremony, the State Department got the Russian word wrong: it said ‘overcharged,’ not ‘reset.’ Since the reset Russia has supported Iran, Syria, and every other known enemy of the US.  Putin correctly thinks Obama is a joke.

Just today it was announced our security leaker, Snowden, is landing in Moscow to avoid arrest for treasonous acts. Obama and Hillary are more valuable to Putin than Snowden will ever be.

So last week little skinny goes to Germany and gives a speech that is so bad and insignificant even Michelle and the girls wouldn’t attend. They were spending our money sightseeing instead.

He starts by declaring the audience isn’t German, and he isn’t American (the second part of the sentence is correct), ‘But we are citizens of the world’. Horseshit! He says ‘as long as there are nuclear weapons we are not safe’. Obviously Obama’s preference would be for the free world to go back to the days of daggers and swords because the Muslims fared better in those days, particularly when they were riding big, old dumb elephants  and the Christians were on foot.

At least Obama spoke of terrorism in Germany. He said it wasn’t the terrorists fault. He said, ‘ We must stop the injustice that causes terrorism’. At least he can say the word now. At least, at least.  With Obama there is no at least. We will just become less and less.

And of course he called for peace and justice around the world believing that where there is no peace it is caused by the injustice of the USA and our colonial allies. Once we are a just nation, the world will be at peace. Justice to Obama comes when the world looks to him and his Chicago thugs to distribute the wealth that each citizen justly deserves as judged by Obama. As evidence of Obama’s justice just look what he has done to bring justice to blacks. Unemployment is up, welfare and poverty up. Instead of making abortion rare Obama and his crew make black marriages rare. Why?

Back to the big picture. Most Americans and people of the world are getting the idea that Obama is a flawed leader. They continue to ask why he does what he does. Is he incompetent or does he have a destructive agenda or both? THE ANSWER IS CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Just look at the rise of power of any dictator, and particularly those with a socialist or communist bent. Their goal is to gain complete control and political power. Their strategy is to feign assistance to the poor and powerless. Their methods are to demonize the ‘rich and powerful’ and to give lip service to ‘social justice’. All the while weakening the poor even more and increasing their dependence on their central authority. The weaker the economy, the more handouts are needed, the more power goes to the dictator. All actions are tucked under the label of justice. Justice for the races, women, gays, environmentalists, union workers, and anyone else they can con. Justice against the hated white successful male.  Losers of the world unite behind Obama.

Do you want evidence? Cuba, Venezuela, Soviet Union, North Korea, Red China, and how about Black America?  The good news is these movements always fail.  The bad news is the pain associated with their demise”

BM, “I have to get back to Austin. My guess is you have a few comments left on Obama’s war against the American economy and culture. Take a deep breath and get some rest.  I’ll come back soon. Hang in there.”

Meanwhile let's all think about it,


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