Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Noose Is Tightening on America’s Phony President

Dear Jim,

My attempt at putting distance between me and DC politics continues to slide into a huge bar ditch. I justified my attention to Obama’s economic speech yesterday by telling myself I need to tune in to see whether I should cash in my CD at the First State Bank of Hubbard City. Decisions like that need all the input you can get. It is my cash, but on the other hand, a transaction like that could bring the Hubbard financial markets to their knees. I, like the other folks here at the Café, take these decisions very seriously.

President Obama, like a finely tuned laser, has refocused his attention back on the economy. He said, “Washington has taken its eye off the economy.” He reminded the country that he is the champion of the middle-class Americans who are struggling to make ends meet (maybe this is about the gay thing?). So why does our leader need to refocus the nation? “Because Republicans have succumbed to an endless parade of distractions and political posturing AND PHONY SCANDALS.” Wow, how does a middle-class champion get his work done when he is surrounded by political scoundrels in a City like Washington, D.C. who are constantly succumbing?

Never have words THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE been truer than in these United States in the year 2013. The truth is the PHONY IN DC IS BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. The second truth is THE SCANDAL NOOSE IS TIGHTENING AROUND OBAMA’S NECK on several fronts that even the Obama press is beginning to admit.

Jim, get comfortable because I am going to describe just of few of these phony scandals using only one paragraph so the people in Mr. Calm will stay with us on this. OK, I will admit it is a hellava long paragraph.

Obama is, and was, a phony from day one. We have no records of his educational background or his sources of income enabling that alleged education. The odds are extremely high he is not an American citizen and not qualified to even run for our highest office much less spend two terms using it to destroy our country, ON PURPOSE (see details under my signature). One of the phony scandals is clearly this peaky little thing where Obama’s thugs directed the Internal Revenue Service to stop conservative, religious, and Tea Party groups from funding opposition to him in the 2012 Election (not to mention the illegal votes counted in large, predominantly black, urban cities in swing states). Bottom line, they stole the election. This little scandal was tracked to the White House this very week with records of the politically appointed IRS chief counsel visiting the White House prior to his shenanigans. Another phony scandal is now revealing how Obama used his Justice Department who threaten whistle blowers and Fox news reporters not to divulge damaging information prior to the 2012 Election. The cover-up of the “phony” Benghazi attack continues to hound Obama and Hillary revealing how they destroyed the NO AMERICAN LEFT BEHIND basic foundation of the US military. Why the stand-down and cover-up? The same old 2012 Election. Speaking of the Justice Department, don’t forget the phony scandal of walking guns into Mexico in hopes of creating a situation that would assist in banning guns from American citizens like George Zimmerman. Our unlucky President was caught in this phony scandal when Brian Terry was killed with those guns. Damn, it is easier to get away with this stuff when good people don’t die. Obama’s intentions were good. He just wanted to be President of the once most powerful nation in the world so he could help the middle class. If your intentions are good your actions and the end results don’t matter much, right? So when someone calls you on your actions and the end results, it is a phony accusation. Got it? If so you too can be an Obama worshiper. Obama cares!

Whew, Jim, I hope you get the idea. Obama has so many nooses tightening around his skinny little ugly neck that even Bill and Hillary are getting nervous. Many of the perpetrators have left, people like Axelrod and Panetta. Others are trying to leave, like Holder and Hillary. In the next few months I predict we, the American public, will be the only ones left with this despicable excuse for a human being.

PHONY is way too mild to describe Obama. Bill Clinton was a lying sleaze bag. But at least you could describe him. The English language has never been challenged to this degree. There is no term to describe Barrack Hussein Obama. My prediction is he will go down in history for creating a new term. In future years our very worst will be known simply as “OBAMA’S”.

Wasting away in Hubbard-ville,

Your friend,

Billy Roy

A good friend of mine is an expert. She has said for months the birth certificate is not only a forgery but a bad one at that. The forged long form birth certificate update of July 8, 2013: Forensic findings on Obama’s birth certificate: ‘A 100 percent forgery, no doubt about it’ World Tribune

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