Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obamaworld Marches On: Iran is Next


Mark your calendars: September 24. Iran’s new “relatively moderate” leader, Hassan Rouhani, will speak at the UN. He is also being called a “pragmatist” (whatever the hell that is).

Sounds to the casual observer he will fit right in with the “moderate rebels” in Syria. Or how about the Muslim Brotherhood who were democratically elected in Egypt after Obama helped throw out Mubarak (you remember him, Bush’s old buddy)? Clearly he can be grouped with those “freedom fighters” in Libya (oops that was before Benghazi) Obama bombed into power. Soon this group will be joined by the “moderate Taliban” in Afghanistan who will more than likely takeover the “corrupt” government that was an ally of the US (before Obama discovered their corruptness).

So what is this all about? Rumors are that Obama has been exchanging letters with Roubani, and US officials say, “it’s possible they will meet with Rouhani on the sidelines” when in NY. If Obama can pull this off it would be the first face to face talks with the Iranians in 34 years (smart because you don't want them behind your back).

After Obama’s successful and brilliant “diplomatic solutions” to all the world’s problems in Syria this week it is smart to take on Iran while you are red hot. Krauthammer said, “Obama told the nation the world would end if the US didn’t make an unbelievably small strike against Syria that we might not make”. Sure enough these geniuses were able to solve all the problems in Syria and the world without firing even a tiny, itsy bitsy, missile. Obama’s threat has left the poor Russians in charge of Syria freeing him to spread his hope and change to Iran. Boy did Barry trick the Ruskies.

Once Obama gets commitments from Iran to behave, and use their nukes for only friendly endeavors, all that is left are those pesky little Israelis. My guess is Obama can have Axelrod expose Netanyahu’s offshore bank accounts, phone sex escapades, and use of the “N” word, not to mention his mistreatment of transsexual grade school teachers, and this will just about take care of the Netanyahu led right wing extremists in Israel.

Jim, we are so close to world peace I can smell it. In fact I could smell it if the wind in Hubbard wasn’t from the Northwest coming right over Scott Riddle’s cow pasture. You remember that manure problem we have had in the past causing global warming in downtown Hubbard. But I don’t have time to get into that right now being I have a gig singlin and pickin over at the pool hall in Malone. Last time I was there my fiddle player and I were taking a break to reload our snuff, and I saw this big old full moon. Caused me to just think out loud, "Wonder which one is the closet the moon or New York City?" My fiddler responded, "Heeell-ooooo, you can see the moon!"

I know, I know, but he sure can fiddle.

See you in November at Homecoming,

Billy Roy Mitcham
The One and Only

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