Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm OK, You're OK, America Sucks

Sound familiar? This appears to be our new leader's battle cry around the world. And then he votes PRESENT and moves to the next TV screen. That is what came out of the Hubbard City Cafe talks this past week. It is reported to have gone something like this.

There appears to be a pattern when trouble breaks out anyplace in the world between bad guys and good guys. The pattern is that we can not get involved, nor even criticize the bad guys, because we are so flawed ourselves. And secondly, if we take sides, we will only help the bad guys. Now isn't that convenient for the leader of a party that never saw a world conflict where they would not run and hide (Iraq, Viet Nam, South America, Cuba, North Korea, and watch out Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico, and Israel).

Maybe Obama is one of these new "I've got your back guys". Butch Jackson, local fact finder and philosopher, was holding court from table 3 at the Cafe about this back stuff. He said that he thought folks said that because you couldn't see back there on whether they were helping or not. He also sorta wants his real friends to help "up front" as well. He says he has more things exposed up there than in the back anyway.

They got me thinking about it,


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