Friday, June 5, 2009

Prepping for Comments on Obama's Speech in Cairo

I am going to Hubbard this weekend, and they will certainly ask me what I think about Obama's latest speech in Egypt. Here are some thoughts. Please comment on this posting by giving me your insights as well.

I believe Obama thinks that he has won the American election and is now campaigning for the President of the World. If there was such an election he probably would win…….but there isn’t.

Remember David Axelrod, who is his handler, specializes in winning Urban Mayor elections with Black Candidates. That is how Obama won the Presidency. Look at the electoral map of Blue States. Our country is divided politically between Urban and Non-urban areas.

What Obama will discover is there is no such office as President of the World. In fact most of the countries that are important to our foreign affairs don’t even have real elections, e.g. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, China, N. Korea, etc. In the countries that have real elections, Obama will not be able to get on the ballot.

So his hope is to influence the World through a constant Public Relations campaign in which he straddles every world issue gaining popularity as he goes. He learned this at the Harvard Law School.

Meanwhile he will try to use his popularity to create a World Bank and a Global Warming initiative using the UN and other World organizations. Any degree of success here will make his backers jillions of $$$$.

His popularity in the US is high while the popularity of his issues is "not so good" (abortion, Gitmo, deficit spending, bailouts, socialism). Since most world leaders will see Obama as a threat because of his straddles (playing to both sides), his influence will be minimized to really sway the opinion and action of these world leaders.

In my opinion the bottom line is that the U. S. will have less influence in the world because world leaders respond to power and threats not straddles and persuasion. They act in their own self interest. Also, they will see Obama’s policies failing in the US. The end result will be an articulate Jimmy Carter leaving us another huge hole that we must dig out of.....again. To make matters much worse this time, we will have a huge increase in nuclear threats from bad guys throughout the world (Iran, N. Korea, terroists).

Interesting, that Obama has straddled everyone in the world with the exception of Al Qaeda, Bush, Limbaugh, and Cheney. He will always demonize all opposition.

Think about it and give me your comments,



  1. As always - speaks well...easy to listen too and says things that appear to make sense. The problem begins when digging into the truth of his words. Israel should not be 'allowed' to keep land because of the Holocaust. They have their land because it has been their land for a very long time. The US is not a major muslim county and muslims are not a part of the US legacy. The US is a Christian country founded on Christian principles...Obama stated we are not in a recent speech but went out of his way to talk about our muslim heritage in Cairo. He is selling and his most important audience (US) is not buying.

  2. There is a lot to discuss re: President Obama and more importantly the US electorate. After all that's what got him where he is. The Urban vs. Non-Urban split is more than red states and blue states. Urban folk think that you need the government to take care of you because "your neighbor" generally doesn't. Many people in cities literally dont know their neighbor. Rural folk, for the most part, just want the government to get out of the way. Urban folk think having a gun is dangerous. Rural folk think not-having a gun is dangerous. That's an analogy to our foreign policy also. Too many guns, arms, or an implied threat that you might use them is a dangerous thought to many Urban folk. The military and the implication that it might be what it's for. That is after all what won the Cold War. Obama and we will learn that countries, unlike people dont have friends. They only have interests. If your interest aligns, they are your friend....for now! Take France as an example. That's what the folk in Bigfork think!!!!

  3. I love Big Fork. Maybe we should make it a "Sister City" with Hubbard?