Monday, June 29, 2009

A Small Story About a Big Saturday Night at Carl's Corner

Scott and Pat Riddle, cattle baron and baroness, Sue Hammock, and I went to Carl's Corner located on I35 between Hillsboro and Dallas on Saturday night two weeks ago ( We were there to see Billy Roy Michum's band. He was performing in the impressive Willie Nelson Theatre, and drew a very nice crowd. By the way, Billy Roy does Merle Haggard better than Merle.

We were able to visit with many locals since BR is from Hubbard. One told me a story about Scotty Anderson who grew up bagging groceries at his dad's store. A frequent customer was a self proclaimed unemployed musician whose wife paid all the bills while really working hard at multiple jobs and raising several children.

When Scotty asked how the self proclaimed gentleman pulled this off, his answer was "she makes the living, and I make the living good."

As fate would have it, that is not all the gentleman made. He had two, not one but two, sons who became starters in the National Football League.

By the way, Billy Roy is about 5 years my junior which enbled me to sell him my slightly used motor skooter a few years back. OK, maybe more than a few years back. OK, maybe more than slightly used. But I digress.

Think about "making the living good" for someone and you may get really special results,


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