Thursday, September 17, 2009

Republican's Need to "Man Up" About Racial Injustice

Here we go again. The Liberal Elites are calling anyone who disagrees with them "racists". I recently sent the following email to a friend who coffees at the Cafe. He said, "If you really believe this you will send it to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal." I accepted the challenge, and not only submited it to the journal, but I am posting it to this blog as well:

Martin Luther King fought to have every person judged by their character and not the color of their skin. Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, the Democratic Party, and now Chairman Obama (enabled every step of the way by timid Republicans) have pushed and continue to push Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination every place possible. This has provided the Democratic Party over 95% of the Black vote. Republicans have remained on the sidelines timidly watching as not to be branded “racists”.

Forty years later after MLK‘s goals were pilfered, distorted, and misrepresented the results are a nation of suffering Blacks with extremely high rates of poverty, illiteracy, parentless children, drugs, and crime. The liberal elite politicians give lip service to minority support while creating legislation with the hopes of keeping them enslaved. It is all about power.

Now our new Black President's supporters are calling anyone who opposes his policies "racists". It doesn't get worse than this, and those that will suffer the most are black. If this continues I predict that Obama will only not lead us to a "post racial" era but we will take giant steps backward in our race relations. If, so it will be the Blacks again that get hurt the most.

It is time to truly support our black brothers and sisters by treating them as equals ONLY. We must destroy their welfare state and stop treating them as victims. They deserve to be treated as Americans, no better and no worse. We need to help them help themselves through quality education, neighborhood policing, supporting and in fact rewarding families, rewarding those who work, providing charity every where needed, supporting neighborhood churches, and aggressively prosecuting their crooked politicians, drug dealers, and militant groups.

As we take these unbiased actions, since there are no actions here that should not be done for all Americans as well, we must also protect our borders. If the politicians can successfully create a Mexican (yes, Mexican, not Hispanic) welfare state to get greater than 95% of those votes as well, they not only will bring the same plight to these people as they have brought to the Blacks, but they will also destroy the greatest country the world has ever known, that being the USA.

Lastly, when will this country help our neighbor Mexico bring these same improvements to people within their borders while developing a legal and sane immigration policy and plan that is good for both countries? Both countries must join forces to stop the illegal use and distribution of drugs which put our young people at risk like no other threat in this world except for maybe our National Deficit.

And what should be done with the politicians responsible for these 40 plus years of persecuting Blacks in the name of Affirmative Action, throw all of the bastards out!!!! Start with the ones with seniority since they are the most guilty!!!!

Jim Hammock
Austin, Texas

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