Thursday, November 5, 2009

Algore Going Green to Make Green

To: The Hubbard City Cafe

From: Maxine's Boy, Jim

Subject: Algore Going Green to Make Green

Hey, I bet you guys never thought that you could invest along side of big shots like Algore and big California Venture Capitalist, did you. Well as it turns out, you already are investing with them. Yes, your tax money is stimulating their investments big time.

I encourage each of you to read this piece at the end of my letter, and forward it to as many people as possible. I know the Venture Capital people mentioned in this article as I worked very closely with them at one time in the good old days when we were doing honest work trying to build companies like Microsoft and Cisco. Evidently that work was too hard. This "new way" of riding political movements like Global Warming to manipulate markets is the biggest scam ever. Bernie Madoff is chump change compared to the potential rip off of this so called Green Movement.

There are several basic truths that are being hidden from the tax payer/voter regarding Global Warming, Cap and Trade, Comprehensive Energy Reform, or the Green Movement:

1. If the Globe is gradually warming, and if CO2 is a very small contributor (as compared to Sun dynamics), the measures the US can take alone will have basically zero impact. (note the two big ifs which are scientific issues not political). Additionally, measures if taken by the entire Globe will have minimal impacts on CO2 emissions, if any.

2. Wind and solar energy are far from economically feasible (as compared to the economics of fossil fuels and nuclear) to make any kind of substantive impact on today's energy production based on proven technologies.

3. This is why the Liberal Elite in concert with opportunistic investors like Al Gore and Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers (VC firm) are working to get the Federal Government and World Organizations to pass legislation (Cap and Trade) to force these technologies on the market with mandates despite their lack of competitiveness. They are also making huge investments from vehicles like the stimulus package to subsidize projects and investors.

Side Note: For investors like Gore and Kleiner this is the perfect storm if the government will insure their investments with taxpayer money while forcing the purchase of their products and technologies and at the same time prohibiting the production of more competitive products like oil, natural gas, clean coal, and even nuclear energy. This is a monstrous scam.

4. The Democratic Congress and Obama are blocking every effort to produce US based fossil fuels and nuclear energy while arguing that the US can not continue to be dependent on Middle East Oil and touting non-competitive technologies (solar and wind) and conservation as our only solutions. It is interesting that the Dems have included 100 Nuclear Power Plants in their Cap and Trade plan that they have no intenitions of building because they need the projected savings from nuclear to offset their investments in uneconomical "green stuff".

In summary, the Liberal Elite Opportunists are selling alarm about a problem that may not exist (Global Warming) caused by a demon (CO2 emissions)that is minuscule to create a worldwide panic that would result in dramatically damaging any national economy that participates in their solution (cap and trade) while raising energy costs and taxes to consumers and eliminating jobs. Additionally, for the US to not compete in the production of fossil fuels and nuclear energy is to provide the Middle East (70% on the world's known oil reserves and China (the Middle East's largest future customer) along with Russia huge economic advantages in this decade.

The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has found that cap and tax legislation would cost the average family-of-four almost $3,000 per year, cause 2.5 million net job losses by 2035, and a produce a cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) loss of $9.4 trillion between 2012 and 2035.

Bottom Line: Like most things in world economics the free markets will react and respond intelligently and appropriately if opportunistic tyrants keep their dirty hands off the process.

Any time an investor wants government subsidies, mandates, and control then taxpayer beware!!!! This means their investments are not sound under "ethical and honest" market conditions.

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