Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cafe Publishes First Horse Shit List

A raging debate about whether there is a semi-major difference between Bull Shit and Horse Shit resulted in the following: The almost unanimous consensus appears to be that Bull Shit is the result of untruths, lies, and major exaggerations. Whereas, Horse Shit is the direct result of crazy, ridiculous, and mostly completely stupid utterances, phrases, or terms.

The first Horse Shit List is short, powerful, and smells about right.

Man Caused Disasters: Term used by Democrats when people of the Muslim faith take action to slaughter, mutilate, and maim completely innocent Non-Muslims (Infidels) by having young and sometimes retarded young people take suicidal actions with the promise of gaining a ticket to an Islamic paradise. These actions are known as Terrorist Acts by non-Democrats.

No Smoking Gun: Term used by Democrats after they fail to stop a terrorist attack (Fort Hood, Detroit, etc.). The smoke from the ashes of the World Trade Twin Towers would be a "smoking gun", after which law enforcement and defense lawyers can go to work tracking down the "alleged perpetrators" and protecting their rights.

Alleged: Term used to describe an accused perpetrator up until the time the American Legal System finishes its process. Until that time the perpetrator is an alleged criminal. For example the Fort Hood shooter will be "alleged" for several years until he recovers from his wounds and is able to go through the legal process which will include many psychological tests to insure his mental health. This process will takes years and millions of tax payer $$$$s in the process of protecting the shooter's rights.

Sanctions: Actions by multiple countries (usually US and European) to take economic measures against a country who is building nuclear weapons and vowing to eliminate other countries (usually Israel). These actions always have no effect whatsoever since other countries (usually Russia and China) counter the economic measures. The only thing more useless is to Threaten Sanctions (which we have been doing with the Iranians for years).

Think about it and click comment to add your favorites to the list,


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    Harry Reid says that its nice that Obama is actually a "clean, light-skinned African American, well spoken with no Negro dialect, unless he chooses to have one..." What do democrats and people like Al Sharpton, who are always quick to accuse everyone of being racist have to say? "oh its no big deal...sure you are implying that the majority of African-Americans are dirty, dark-skinned, and un-educated...but thank god you are a democrat so we know you aren't really racist..." To quote Michael Steel (also an African-American) "There is this standard where the Democrats feel that they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. But if it comes from anyone else, it's racism." Remember in 2002, BUSH's white house and all those racist republicans asked Majority Leader Trent Lott to step down after comments that can best be summed up as "if the south woulda won..." Oh how i love our country of double standards.