Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why the American Public Must Mobilize in Support of the WAR

When all the smoke clears there are four major actions that the Hubbard City Cafe thinks Obama must, and probably will not, do in our WAR against terror:

1. Use ethnic profiling to screen potential terrorists. Terrorists have the following profile: name (my gosh half are named Mohammad), Muslim, ages 18-30, dark (skin, hair, and eyes), traveling traits (cash, no checked luggage, seating in strategic seat locations), and associations with suspicious nations and institutions (Middle East, Africa, UK, American Prisons, etc.). So why are we having Grandma take her shoes off for security checks when we should be strip searching travelers with the above profile. If Obama doesn't profile then he is more concerned with treating Muslims fairly than saving American lives.

2. Treat captured potential terrorists as Military Combatants. It's a WAR STUPID. No Miranda Rights, no civil lawyers, use interrogation techniques as needed, and play to WIN. Winning is the destruction of the Bad Guys (PERIOD). It is a battle of wills and commitment to victory. The nature of the fight says the WAR will go on for a long, long time. Obama and the Dems can not "pull out" of this WAR since the terroists will "follow us home".

3. Unleash and support the CIA. Force everyone to share information with the CIA, and at the same time, let the CIA share information on a selective basis. Understand that anything the FBI touches will be treated as a federal law enforcement issue instead of WAR. Anyone who reads a Vince Flynn novel understands why covert operations can not share information with the FBI, Congress, or local law enforcement except as needed. Covert intelligence is the key to victory in this WAR.

4. Punish any nation or organization that provides a sanctuary for terrorists. Punishing does not mean nation building. We do not have the resources to cure all the problems in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, etc. (note Iraq is not on the list as our presence there is strategic in keeping the Middle East a free market for 70% of the world's oil). Punishing means covert intelligence, strategic military strikes, economic punishment, support for regime changes, and condemnation.

This action includes Islamic religious organizations. This WAR will end when the Muslims understand that their radical elements can not win and are hurting so called moderate Muslims around the world. Indeed if the Islamic religion is a religion of peace then Muslims must police Islamic Extremists for the good of all. Moderate Muslims must be forced to take sides.

And yet Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General and Chief Law Enforcer, thinks we are threatened more by radicalized US Citizens, "What we've seen in the recent past, I think, is an indication of one of the things that we're going to have to be most concerned about in the future, this self-radicalization of American citizens or people who reside in the United States. They have too often come under the influence of people who have misinterpreted Islam." Is this not a Muslim sympathizer? Who is brainwashed, American Citizens or Obama/Holder?

The Cafe predicts Obama will completely whiff on the first three issues, and at best, just stick his ugly toe in the fourth action. They feel Dick Cheney is doing the best job of calling out Obama on these issues and his is a fairly lonely voice. The public must mobilize and the sooner the better.

Lets do more than just think about it,


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  1. This was a great article. Maybe we should get Butch and Billy Roy in congress?

    Lanky from Hubbard