Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changes to Idiot's List and New Heroes List

The current top ten ranking of the "Idiot's List" :

1. Barry (had a great week with huge "mispeakings" including the attack on his own GMC trucks)
2. "Martha or Marsha or What Ever" Coakley (Mass. Senate Cand. easily replaced Janet Napolitano who has been put in "time out"
3. Robert Gibbs (continues to stack up idiot points big time)
4. Nancy Peolosi (an immovable object from the land of fruits and nuts)
5. Harry Reid (solidified his position behind his light skinned leader)
6. Bill Clinton (replaced Maxine Waters by saying Haiti was strategic to the US because of it's #1 AIDS ranking)
7. Barney Frank (laying low but we remember him)
8. Henry Waxman (looks more like a weasel than weasels)
9. Al Franken (how do we get him more involved?)
10. Tie: Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, and George Bush (Joins the group by enlisting in the Barry and Bill Haiti efforts even as they continue to blame him for everything. He could have just supported the Red Cross instead.)

Continues to be Disqualified: Joe Biden (considered as an "Off the Chart" idiot and unrankable)

The Brand New and Somewhat Different Cafe Heroes Almost Top Ten List

1. Scott Brown, Mass. Senator Candidate (leaps to the top of the list win or lose)
2. Glen Beck (hitting the ball out of the park but may be on steroids)
3. Rush Limbaugh (consistency over, over, and over again)
4. Newt Gingrich (really smart and gets it right most of the time)
5. Martha Coakley (thank you Marsha)
6. Barrack (conservatives couldn't do it without him)
7. Dr. Martin Luther King (a true conservative, really, "content of character" true believer, etc.)
8. Ronald Reagan Placeholder (places 8-10 and waiting for applicants)

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