Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Billy Roy Thinks Downtown Scotty Brown "Gets It"

When something as big as yesterday's special election happens I can't wait to get an explanation from Billy Roy Michem, local country and western performer/philosopher/all around good guy. BM is a real man of few words.

My big question, "BM, why did those yankees vote for Scotty Brown?"

BM: "Seems like this Brown guy has a simple message: 'Government is way too big and the current boys and girls in D.C. are making it bigger. This means we need tax and spending cuts and to throw out every politician that wants to keep government big. Secondly, Brown says he is for a strong military and homeland defense who will protect us at home and around the world. Lastly on today's health care mess, Brown is OK with finding a way to provide health care to folks, but he knows the worst way to try to do that would be to let the government take it over.' Pretty simple stuff."

My follow up question, "BM, isn't there more to it than that?"


Got it,


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