Friday, February 26, 2010

Ah, Ah, Ah, Obama Loses MoJo

Butch Jackson, analyzer of significant and insignificant events of some renown, stayed up all last night reviewing Obama's Healthcare Summit filibuster. Butch reports, "On a word count basis the current White House resident beat all of the accumulated Republican speakers hands down."

This count was challenged by Billy Roy Michum, current un-official but presently presiding Judge of the folks at the Hubbard City Cafe when not performing with his semi-famous C&W Band," Does your word count include the 'Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahs'."

"Good question," answered Butch. "I gave him half credit for the 'Ahs', which gave Barry a huge win in word count. Even without the 'Ahs', Barry wins by a slight margin. When you add in the word count of the other Dems, they beat the Republicans by about 4X1. It should also be noted that the Dems talked over a good 30% of the Republican words."

BM came back, "This semi-refutes the claim that Dems don't listen. You have to listen real careful to time your talk to talk over your opponent. It is not easy. Butch, what about content and fact checking?"

"Good question, you are red hot today BM. Obama's deepest subject was about trying to insure his clunker when he was on drugs in college. The meeting just lasted about 6 hours. and with the Republicans talking for almost 1 1/2 of those hours, Obama was not able to finish his clunker story to tie it into the Healthcare debate. I think we will have the conclusion of that story to look forward to in next year's state of the union address (if we still have a union by then). When it comes to facts, it is a fact that most of what Obama says without Mr. TelePrompter is semi-inaudible which makes fact checking real hard. Bottom line, folks were afraid that Obama was setting a trap and the Republicans would suffer a big loss. Didn't happen."

BM responded, "I'll tell you what's lost. Obama has lost his MoJo, big time. And we are a better country for it."

That got me thinking,


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  1. Great blog. I saw Butch at the Post Office and I knew that both he and B.M. had some great in-sight coming for this week.

    Lanky from Hubbard