Thursday, March 4, 2010

OK, Let's Talk Race

Letter to the Hubbard City Cafe

Date: March 4, 2010
To: The Folks
From: Jim Hammock (Maxine's Boy)

Well the folks at the Drug Store tell me that MSNBC is saying the Tea Party movement is really about folks that hate having a Black President disguised as supporters of Fiscal Responsibility, Low Taxation, and Defict Reduction. Interesting that most analyst and pollster's thought being Black was a positive when Obama easily won the Presidential Election. I swear I don't know how you can have it both ways.

I do believe it is time we did discuss real racial issues.

Michelle Obama, our first lady, is focusing on bringing BIG GOVERNMENT's assistance to the country's obesity problem. The government is going to tell us how to eat and exercise. The justification for this meddling is that since taxpayers are paying for most health care then the government has the right to restrict those who are using more than their fair share. This is really interesting since the country's biggest obesity problem is BIG GOVERNMENT.

Makes me wonder what would happen if our first black president and first lady took on real problems like destroying big GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS that explode the black poverty rate which has not improved since 1960.

Martin Luther King was killed in 1968 after leading a civil rights effort based on the proposition that all people should be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. His logical hope and strong belief was that if he could get people to practice the equality of opportunity, that the poverty rate of blacks would dramatically improve. While some blacks have taken advantage of their new opportunities (the percentage of blacks with college degrees is three times greater than in 1970), far too many have not. Why should they when BIG GOVERNMENT is coming to their rescue with welfare, housing, foot stamps, medicaid, and racial preferenced employment practices? The more children out of wedlock, the bigger the check!

In 1970, two years after Dr. King's death, 62% of black women were married compared to 33% per cent today. 74% of black men were married compared to 44% today. In 1970 5% of black mothers were never married compared to 41% today. What happened? BIG GOVERNMENT.

Additionally, BIG GOVERNMENT's solution to racial equality was not built around faith based principles but around politics. Most of BIG GOVERNMENT's programs provided all the wrong incentives. The welfare state ran amuck, along with entitlements, transfer payments, and the politics of differences and envy. Redistribution of wealth was seen to many as a right for the underprivileged instead of providing the right of equal opportunity to earn through achievement.

MLK's religious passion for God's Laws were not a part of BIG GOVERNMENT's programs. Values like family (honor thy father and mother), property and ownership (thy shall not steal), and not taking from others (thy shall not covet) were not considered in BIG GOVERNMENT solutions where politicians have many times just been attempting to buy votes. Terms like "welfare pimps" have been used to describe political leaders who have taken advantage of blacks by keeping them dependent on government so that these so called pimps could gain and maintain power and wealth at the expense of blacks.

Most of these big government solutions such as welfare not only failed to support MLK's dream but actually provided incentives that destroyed families, discouraged education, and sabotaged work ethic.

As for Tea Parties, blacks would be smart, and prosper as well, to join the movement to get BIG GOVERNMENT off their backs.

In my feeble opinion the first Black Leader that joins people like Bill Cosby in stepping up to the real problems of race will be more popular after their election than before. Sadly, Obama ain't the guy.

You guys stay well and take care of Mom and Aunt Martha,


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