Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bedfellows: Osama, Obama, and Algore

Billy Roy Michum came in so red hot his hat was pushed back on his head. It was all about this global warming thing. As regular readers of this blog know the Drug Store Coffee Drinkers (Libs) blame downtown Hubbard City global warming on Scott Riddle's cow emissions each and every Summer.

So BM opened up with both barrels, "Osama Bin Laden's most recent video tape blamed the U.S. for Global Warming. Osama is trying to 'outscam the scammers'. He is urging the World to stop buying all American products until we stop blowing our carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Hell, he would really like to see us quit breathing. So you have Osama joining the likes of Barrack Obama, Al Gore, the U.S. House of Representatives, famous American Venture Capital firms like KPC&B, the Google founders, the UN, most Europeans, all developing small nations looking for a handout, scientists who whore to get federal grants, coffee drinkers at the Hubbard City Drug Store, Californians, and the Democratic Party. They all claim the same old crap: 'the science of global warming is settled, it will lead to total destruction of the world, the US is the world's leading polluter, and therefore, should pay off everybody'. Hell, Obama couldn't put enough sabotaged planes in the air to do as much damage to us as these money hungry green thieves."

"Now aren't those interesting bedfellows. Hey libs, how does it feel to have Osama snuggling up to you? I hope he is right in between Obama and Algore in that bed, with a nasty arm around each one. I also hope he doesn't have running water in his cave and hasn't bathed his arm pits, feet, or other critical body parts for months."

"Talk about dumb," chipped in Butch Jackson, "When Obama says he would rather be a good one term President who does he think he will be good for? If he is good for American voters they will re-elect him to a second term. I guess he is saying that if he is good only for his socialist (I'm sorry his progressive) crowd he will be there just one term. This is the kind of thing a misbehaving 4 year old would say who was in trouble. This guy is just plain dangerous."

This brought BM back into the conversation, "The danger to America is not so much Barack Obama but the voters who would trust him to be President. Putting a fool in office can be corrected much easier than educating the fools that did the putting. On the other hand, it they are waking up in Boston, they are probably gonna wake up everywhere except maybe California and down at the Drug Store."

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