Monday, March 15, 2010

Going Inside the Cafe to Find The Truth About Obamacare

Watching Barry attack the Insurance Companies in his last gasp effort to get votes from his own Democratic Congressmen for his plan for the Federal Government to take over Health Care I decided to go inside the Hubbard City Cafe to get the truth.

So what is going on? Butch Jackson, locally famous reciter of a serious number of facts answered first, "Like most things the Pres says he is not letting facts get in the way. For example Medicare loses 7 times more money each year to fraud than all the insurance companies make with their profit margins of 3.2%. The rate increases from Insurance Companies that BHO rails against are the direct result of huge costs increases mostly caused by Medicare and Medicaid pushing their costs over to private insurers."

What is this complicated reconciliation thing that everybody is talking about? Billy Roy Mitchum (just home from a tour performing on almost every major C&W stage in East Central Texas) was the only one to take this one on, "The Dems have captured themselves in their own net on this one. Very simply the way the legislative process works is a Health Care Bill was passed in the House and another bill was passed by a filibuster proof super majority of 60 Democratic votes in the Senate. The Dems plan was to then send the two bills to committee to be merged. The Senate had made real sleazy deals to get their 60 votes in Nebraska, Florida, and all kinds of other under the table deals. They thought the merged bill would get rid of a lot of the crap and the Senate Dems would have to accept the bill and pass it with their 60 votes. Surprisingly, the Massachusetts election of Senator Brown cut their majority to 59 votes and made the merged bill subject to a Republican filibuster block. The Dems got too cute and trapped themselves."

Now what? BM continued, "Now the Dems will pass their Senate bill by twisting arms in the House and then pledge they will come back with a procedure that just takes 51 votes called Reconciliation to meet promises they are making to the House members to get their votes. I predict they will fight over who has to vote for it and who can vote against it but they have trapped themselves into having to pass this Socialist takeover of Health Care."

Why is it Socialism? BM took a deep breath , "If the Dems convince the American people that Health Care is a right that is delivered by the government, they can use this to control a huge part of our lives. First they will use Health Care to buy votes by delivering one more entitlement. Once they can get 50% of Americans sucking the government's tit, they can stay in control. Secondly, if a government health care commission decides that those who are overweight are using more than their fair share of care then they can do things like tax overweight people, ration care to the overweight, mandate premiums for their coverage, and tax the foods that the commission feels is causing this weight gain. They can use this "right" concept to control our food, life styles, income, spending, and a good part of our lives. They are trying to take salt off the tables in NYC right now. Obama's plan is to follow with similar Energy and Education control plans that would shred our Constitution. Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and the other old boys must be doing flip flops in their graves as they watch this."

The Dems this week-end say the polls are trending their way? Butch came back in, "This is another eleventh hour lie. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, while 53% oppose it. Those findings include 23% who Strongly Favor the plan and 46% who Strongly Oppose it. Despite the plan’s stated goal of reducing health care costs, 55% of voters believe the cost of health care will go up if the Democrats’ plan becomes law. Just 18% say it will make costs go down. Rasmussen is clearly the most accurate polling source."

Well at least Obama seems to be doing sane things with our foreign policy like in Iraq and Afghanistan, huh? "Not even close," came back Joe Frank Dell. "This past week Biden went to Israel to kick off peace talks with the Palestinian Muslims. The Israelis announced they were building 1,600 housing units IN JERUSALEM IN TERRITORY CLEARLY OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY ISRAEL. The Palestinian Muslims squealed and Biden and Hillary supported the Palestinians who pulled out of the talk process. This was all part of Obama's Pro-Muslim strategy. Biden then used Obama-speak to talk about the US support of Israel. Obama is Israel's worst nightmare. Obama is the USA's worst nightmare."

What do you guys think we should do? The Cafe burst out in a loud chorus, "DON'T LET OBAMA RUN OUT OF CIGARETTES."

Think about it,


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  1. Jim,

    I view Obama as the worst president in the history of our country. I view George Bush II as number two.

    There is some fraud in healthcare, but little of it is from users. The majority of expenses over and above what medicare and medicade intended come from the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and our beloved physicians.

    I spent 25 years in the drug industry, so I know how quarterly profit margins work. If I had to pay full price for all of my prescribed drugs today, I would be on the dole. Hospitals charge outrageous prices for services that are declining in value. Their cash cows, such a the MRI and CAT scan add to their bottom line. Physicians charge way more than medicare will pay, then write off the difference so that you and I pick up the tab. All of these guys work hand in hand with the insurance companies who just keep raising their rates to keep the docs happy.

    The only reason Obama ever got elected was because the republicans screwed things up so badly. I keep waiting for them to take a more moderate approach to government so that guys like me will have someone to vote for.

    Earl Stubbs