Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This appears to be "the week" determining whether our country takes an enormous step toward Socialism (BIG GOVERNMENT Control) so the Cafe is working overtime by starting their afternoon coffee at 2:45 instead of the normal 3:00 PM schedule. Discussions and other semi-critical actions are extending sometimes even beyond 4:00. So my instructions are to blog a little more frequently than (I was going to say normal, but Billy Roy says there's not much normal about my blog).

Scott Riddle, local cattle baron and insurance tycoon of some local importance, says, "The Drug Store Libs laugh about it when the folks talk about how these Health Care plans lead to a government takeover and shred our Constitution. Most folks don't know, and won't find out according to Pelosi until the bill is passed, about several provisions that mandate racial and ethnic quotas for medical schools and government contractors in the House Bill. They call for quotas for those that are 'underrepresented' so they can not include Asians and Jewish people. Their claimed rationale is that Blacks and Hispanics have poorer health than others. If they can force more 'underrepresented' doctors and health care workers they will treat these groups."

Even the folks didn't know about this and chairs were pulled in real tight as Scott continued, "Of course the Libs blame everything on discrimination and overlook the fact that Medical Schools have been trying to enroll Blacks for years. The problem is that historically Blacks do not gravitate to Math and Science which are required for medical curriculums and to pass licensing exams. So clearly this provision would put lesser qualified medical personnel in our hospitals unless this educational problem is solved by the public schools (or the Libs will probably just lower requirements and change the licensing exams). Cynically you have to ask yourself, are the libs motivated by improving health care for all, or just buying votes to support their BIG GOVERNMENT NANNY STATE?"

"Speaking of buying votes for the NANNY STATE," jumped in Billy Roy Michum (Hubbard City's version of Merle Haggard and unofficial Chairman of the Board of the Hubbard City Cafe),"How about the provision to force insurance companies to insure children until they are 26 years of age? Holy Mother Mary of Christ, that is all these young punks need is to cling to those aprons another 8 years after high school. Obama is going to do things like this and reduce our health care costs while keeping our insurance from going up. How do you add 30 million people to the roles, treat young people like suckling pigs, and lower costs. Those can't be real cigarettes Idiot #1 (Obama) is smoking.

Butch Jackson was, as always, following the numbers on this discussion, "More and more I understand why the Libs, which now are counted in the mid 20 percentile, take their coffee at the Drug Store. They would need a steady supply of non-over the counter stuff to stay this delusional for this long about Barry, Pelosi, Reid, and the other Communists."

You know I don't think the folks are even wound up yet.

Stay tuned.


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