Monday, March 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

"Other than getting severely depressed by President Obama's take over of the American economy what can we do about it?" was the the big question put forward by none other than my Mom, Maxine, at this week's coffee.

Aunt Martha climbed onto this one, "In addition to just sitting around sniffling it seems to me a bunch of big old boys like you should have some answers." She then took out her notebook with pen in hand.

Sweet Lou Tekell, who will fill any silence, jumped on this, "I just saw where Dick Morris talked about something he called 'appropriation bills'. Seems the Obama health care bill that was passed only authorizes all this junk and creates a program. But these things called authorization bills are not appropriations which are required to fund the bill. Each year the Congress must act on appropriations for each department and agency in the government. If no funds are appropriated for Obama's Health Care Plan then nothing can be spent. So if Republicans can gain a majority in the House (where appropriations have to originate) - and especially if they also take the Senate - they will have the capacity to zero fund Obamacare after November's election."

Mom came back, "So what can we do to gain control of the House and Senate?"

Butch Jackson, keeper of all facts and figures of importance to the Hubbard City Cafe, blurted his usual, "Glad you ask. I will put what I call my Good, Bad, and Ugly list on the menu board in Bad, Ugly, and Good sequence."

The eleven Texas"Bad" guys that voted for Obamacare:
Al Green from Houston (D-09)
Ruben Hinojosa from Edinburg (D-15)
Silvestre Reyes from El Paso (D-16)
Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston (D-18)
Charles A. Gonzalez from San Antonio (D-20)
Ciro Rodriguez from San Anotonio (D-23)
Lloyd Doggett from Austin (D-25)
Solomon P. Ortiz from Corpus Christi (D-27)
Henry Cuellar from Laredo (D-28)
Gene Green from Houston (D-29)
Eddie Bernice Johnson from Dallas (D-30)

The "Ugly" guy that voted against Obamacare but probably would have voted for it if his vote was needed:
Chet Edwards from Waco (D-17)

The "Good" guys that voted against Obamacare:
Louie Gohmert (R - 01)
Ted Poe (R - 02)
Sam Johnson (R - 03)
Ralph Hall (R - 04)
Jeb Hensarling (R - 05)
Joe Barton (R - 06)
John Culberson (R - 07)
Kevin Brady (R - 08)

Michael McCaul (R - 10)
Mike Conaway (R - 11)
Kay Granger (R - 12)
Mac Thornberry (R - 13)
Ron Paul (R - 14)
Randy Neugebauer (R - 19)
Lamar Smith (R - 21)
Pete Olson (R - 22)
Kenny Marchant (R - 24)
Michael C. Burgess (R - 26)
John Carter (R - 31)
Pete Sessions (R - 32)

So Mom came back in, "So, Billy Roy, what is our call to action?"

Billy Roy Michum, in his most professorial and semi-classic C&W voice, responded, "I, Billy Roy Michum, unofficial and unelected Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe call on all Blog Readers to copy this blog and forward it to all their contacts with a request to work their very hardest to throw out the Bad and Ugly and elect Good Guys in all House and Senate races in the year 2010 in the great State of Texas. Furthermore, I ask each to comment on this very blog and let us know how many contacts they made with this most critical and patriotic message so help me God."

And the folks said in unison, "Amen and Amen."

Do more than just thinking about it,


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