Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Billy Roy Has a Tough Day While Socialists Are On the March

Billy Roy was pretty hot when he asked the folks at the Cafe, "Who pissed off the Drug Store Liberals and the Dairy Queen Moderates this time? I stopped for my monthly supply of Viagra and the commie druggist handed me a Popsicle stick and some duct tape. I stopped by the Dairy Queen for my weekly hot fudge, Oreo, and double chocolate blizzard with a cherry twist and happened to mention the Viagra thing. The fence sitting compromisers told me a simple band aid would probably be overkill for such a small problem. That kind of talk just ain't right. Tough day, so far."

Scott Riddle, locally famous cattleman and insurance tycoon who protects Hubbard from any Communist attacks coming from the west side of town doesn't take to those kind of pranks, "Prior to Obama the drug store folks were fairly civil and our federal government had little to no direct control or ownership of our businesses (not even the Clintons). That would be like zero. Today's estimate is that the Obama has taken control of the Finance Industry with TARP, Stimulus, and his Czar. Current proposed legislation written by the retiring Senator Chris Dodd is to establish a permanent TARP to let the Administration take over anyone they choose at anytime simply by declaring them 'too large to fail'. Obama prostituted the TARP slush fund to take over Chrysler and GM. He takes over Health Care last week and sneaks the Student College Loan Program into the legislation doubling his fun. (Double in that he picked up $61B bullshit savings for his Health Care Plan while adding another private sector business to his collection). Estimates are that this gives Obama around 50% of the US Economy under his direct control. And folks wonder why any one with any degree of courage calls Obama at least a Socialist if not worse."

Billy Roy Mitchum, locally famous C&W entertainer who now seems to have a semi-direct correspondence relationship with none other than President Obama, himself, turned to the Cafe's keeper of facts, numbers, and other items foreign to most Liberals and non-literates, Butch Jackson, "Butch, does that 50% number hold water?"

"At least," sighed Butch, "It ain't pretty. Think of the financial impact with the government in control of half of our economy. The CBO forecasted that Health Care would cost $180B in the first 10 years and would be deficit positive in the second ten years. These are the people who predicted Medicare would cost tax payers $12B by 1990. The true costs was $107B by 1990, so they missed it by a factor of 8. Smart folks think the Health Care Plan will cost a minimum of $3T in the first 10 years and go up from there."

Butch was on a roll, "The deficit, which was about 3% of GDP in President George Bush’s final year, is now exceeding 10%. (All numbers rounded and all data taken from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.) Government debt has gone from 40% of GDP when Bush left the White House to 63% and will hit 90% by 2020. That’s the level at which new studies show that debt begins to reduce growth and jobs."
"How do we pay for this?" snorted BM.

Scott came back in, " Smart money around the poker table says we take the next Socialist step toward the bankrupted Europeans and add a VAT (Value Added Tax). Obama's hand picked bi-partisan 'Deficit Reduction Task Force' will recommend this. It is like a sales tax except hidden from the purchaser unlike a sales tax. In Europe they promised to reduce, or even eliminate, income taxes if the passed VATs. Lied like dogs, England is now 19% VAT tax and still has a 50% income tax. Which reminds me with the Health Care taxes and letting Bush's tax cuts expire our marginal tax rate will go to 44% putting goofy places like California marginals at near 60%. This will kick the economic recovery right between the legs."

"Let's not forget that the Dems will try to takeover Energy and Immigration before we can vote em out in November. I am going to bring a list of the bad guys that need to be voted out and post on our bulletin board." chimed in Joe Borger Hurd just to send folks off on a really high note.

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  1. This one sounds so bad,I hate to think about it. I think I will go see Jim A. and drink beer.