Monday, March 22, 2010

What Got In Your Eye This Weekend?

"Never have I seen anyone who pee-ed in someone's eye and told them it was raining more then on this Health Care thing," sighed Billy Roy Michum (fairly famous C&W performer who had recently returned from a semi-extended tour of a good part of East Central Texas staying pretty much south of Corsicana) as he held court at the Cafe. This was the post weekend review of the big Nancy Pelosi Cat Roundup. BM continued, "Might be good for us to separate the pee from the rain on this momentous occasion. I say momentous because I think this will wind up as a very inspiring event in our much needed cause to take back our liberty and basic rights from Washington, D.C."

The following was a solo by BM splashing facts and opinions mostly right and not much left:

The rain in our eye was flowing strongest when Nancy P declared Health Care a Right after the unconstitutional vote. The fact that she was peeing is clear when you consider our Founders said that our Rights came from our Creator and not Nancy P nor Barry Obama nor anyone else in government. In fact the government restricts individual Rights, they don't grant them. In fact they are supposed to protect our Rights based on the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.

The rain came down real hard when this Bart Stupak guy from Ohio said that Barry had written an Executive Order declaring the government would not fund abortions. Hell, he probably wrote it on the back of one of his cigarette packs. Anyway, the pee was pretty obvious as Stupak and fellow bullshitters then voted into law the Senate Bill which specifically states that folks can buy insurance that covers abortions and that the government will subsidize the purchase of this insurance. I read this Reconciliation Bill and it doesn't extract the abortion funding provision at all. Stupak then had the gaul to pronounce the Democrats the party that protected Human Life. Go figure.

Obama laughed off criticism as he rained reassurances on us who questioned the growth of government and DC's take over of Health Care. When you read the passed bill it is all urine. Over 150 new bureaucracies, 3,400 new government mandates, 1,700 new IRS agents to enforce the mandates on people and companies who will share tax records with Health and Human Services, new taxes driving marginal tax rates to Jimmy Carter levels of 44% (60% in states like California), and to top it all off, Obama added a provision for the government to take over all student loans which has nothing to do with Health Care.

In fact all of this has very little to do with Health Care. Obama claims to be a rain maker that is historically insuring all Americans while reducing costs for all and reducing the deficit. The urinating truth is most of the specifics in this bill will never go into effect. Does anyone believe we will tax Labor Union Cadillac Health Plans scheduled to start in the year 2018? What will happen and soon is the government's use of this law to take control of Health Care and create another entitlement to get people more dependent on the NANNY STATE. Our idiot VP slipped and said last week, 'this bill will let us control insurance companies.' Obama and crew's real goal is to transform the US to Socialism by promising to buy votes Chicago style.

Once again the freedom of the American people is at risk, and the will of the American people is being challanged. May God not give up on, and bless, the USA.

Nobody else really had anything to add.

Think about it,



  1. Should have had Pelosi pee in a cup cause I bet she wouldn't pass a drug test...

  2. With all the peeing going on, Billy R. failed to say that money for Black colleges has nothing to do with health care either.

    Lanky from Hubbard