Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Week's Big Issues at Hubbard Coffee Houses

Occasionally it may help readers to understand Hubbard City politics by simply listing the top three issues of each of the three major political forces, that being the Cafe, Drug Store, and Dairy Queen. My polling this week resulted in the following list:

This Weeks Most Important Issues:

Drug Store Liberal Issues:
1. Concern that Tea Party People and Conservative Talk Show Hosts are criticizing the Obama Government, and there is an imminent danger that they may ignite violence in some red neck right wing nut case.
2. Support of criticism, boycotts, and demonstrations against the State of Arizona which has passed an Illegal Immigration Law that makes current Federal Illegal Immigration Laws enforceable at the State level as well. These protest actions are to prevent Arizona from enforcing what the Federal Government will not enforce.
3. Support of the the Pentagon and the Obama Administration who have taken action to ban Reverend Franklyn Graham from speaking at the National Day of Prayer rally because Rev. Graham has been critical of Muslim nation's treatment of women and their discrimination of all non-Islamic religions. Agree with Obama's decision to not play religious favorites by not going to any of the Prayer meetings for the second straight year.

City Cafe Conservative Issues:
1. Calling for the Obama administration to fund, focus, and staff key Defense, State, and Homeland Security leadership positions with competent personnel with the intent to protect the American people by fighting a War on Terror instead of treating terrorists as Enemy Combatants reading them Miranda Rights, lawyering up terrorists, and claiming the US is a "Muslim Nation" while coddling the Iranians as we hope they don't build nuclear weapons. Current Obama practices rely on Tee Shirt Salesmen to spot terrorist (who trained for 4 mos. with the Taliban) in Times Square while whimpering about the possibility of weak sanctions with UN so-called partners who like Ahmadinejad better than Hillary Clinton.

2. Protect the US and Mexican border by using the National Guard until fences can be completed and the Border Patrol can be staffed appropriately. Enforce laws that prevent employers from hiring illegals while revamping immigration procedures to create legal work permits where applicable. Additionally, provide more assistance to the country of Mexico in fighting their drug war and spurring economic growth in that country since they are our neighbor.

3. Urge Obama to appoint competent Energy experts to his administration that will work with Congress and Industry to develop a Comprehensive Energy Independence strategy for the US that includes the safe and economic development of Fossil Fuels, Wind, Solar, and Nuclear Energy. Stop blaming British Petroleum for a rig blowout that they leased from Transocean, the world’s biggest offshore drilling contractor and before anyone knows what really happened in the Gulf. For example in the event of a serious emergency, there are multiple Panic Buttons to hit. None of them were apparently activated, suggesting that the blowout which killed at least 12 people was especially swift to escalate at the surface sending flames visible up to about 35 miles away. They were 200 – 300 ft high. Competent leaders get the facts and address the crisis. Sleazy politicians play the blame game.

Dairy Queen Moderate Issues:
1. This Arizona law thing must be bad because Arnold the Terminator, the Bushs, and Obama all don't like it.

2. While the Dems said the new Health Care Plan would solve all our problems and the Right Wingers said it would bankrupt us, I just went to my doctor and it was just the same way its always been. Just like we thought. Nothing happening either way.

3. These arguments about how we treat people who attempt to blow up Times Square and what we do with the Iranians reminds me of the Los Angeles riots. It took a truck driver named Rodney King to ask, "Why can't we all just get along?"

Well, there you have it. Now you can decide where you will have your coffee as you drive through Hubbard.

Think about it,


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