Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hubbard City Cafe's "American Citizens Unite" Movement Opens New Fronts

Scotty Anderson, father of a Mississippi college football coach and local Hubbard City insurance tycoon, is an optimist of some great proportions as displayed by his attempt to sooth over Billy Roy Mitchum and Butch Jackson's passions for their new National, if not International, drive for all American Citizens to unite against ILLEGAL acts of immigration, "Look guys, let's just work hard to get conservatives elected in 2010 and 2012, and just repeal this health care mess and any other laws these bandits in Washington push through between now and then. Let the system work."

"Ain't that easy, Scotty," Butch Jackson, Hubbard's newest and probably first Constitutionalists, was the first to retort. "These Socialist Liberal Elitist Sleazes know if they can pass any kind of law, and particularly one with 1,500-3,000 pages, that sneaks through the creation of several new agencies, commissions, or boards (let's just call them bureaucracies) they have created something that is all but impossible to kill. It is these bureaucracies that hire hundreds and thousands of people all dedicated to create new regulations that give the federal government more power and that creates more government jobs."

"Right on, Butch," were the first words of the day from Billy Roy Mitchum whose band will be featured on May the 15th at Old Town in downtown Hubbard City at 9:00 PM. This latest Health Care Law, that the Dems slipped up our rears, sets up something they call the Health Insurance Rate Authority or something like that. These guys will determine the number of treatments that will be reimbursed (that's rationing), what insurance rates companies can charge (this will drive them out of business which is the plan), and what fees for services will be reimbursed to doctors, hospitals, etc (because Washington can not afford the Medicare/Medicaid promises they have made). And listen closely, once they have made these decisions the only way they can be changed is literally if Congress passes legislation demanding a change, and even then the President can veto the acts of Congress. Just found this out, and now I know what Pelosi meant when she said 'pass the bill, and then you will find out what is in it'. These guys want to do the same thing by setting up these regulatory bureaucracies for the Financial, Energy, and Immigration areas as well. They will probably pass the Financial takeover with some Republican support in the next few weeks."

Butch came back, "Well spoken, BM. The real danger is not only what is in the law that's passed but there is even more danger is the regulations these agencies create and enforce. And guess what, the latest salary numbers show that Federal employees average making $120,000 a year while non-government workers earn an average of $58,000. And guess what, we poor folks making the 58 must pay taxes to pay the assholes making the 120. The Communist Ruskies never had it this good even in their best days under Old Joe Stalin."

J. P. Legal, a big time lawyer from Waco and frequenter of the Hubbard City Cafe, said,"Try this one on. Democrats have decided that in order to prevent Wall Street from starting more financial meltdowns, wrecking the economy and leaving the American taxpayer holding the bag, we need to give more oversight authority to the Feds. They want to give this additional power to the same bureaucrats who were busy surfing Internet porn (its true just Google the SEC and porn) as private investors frantically tried to warn them about Bernie Madoff, Fannie May, Freddie Mack, Chris Dodd, and Old Happy Barney Frank. The Democrats' financial 'reform' bill that BM was talking about also includes bail out authority that will keep the bureaucrats from having to go to Congress to bailout their Wall Street pals like Goldman Sachs. That way you can't blame Congress for the bailouts. The SEC brought these phony charges against Goldman that will get dropped once the legislation is passed."

"Remember, Obama got $1million (with an M) from Goldman in his run for the Presidency. Dodd and Frank got big contributions as well. How serious do you think these charges are that the SEC is bringing against Goldman. It's just another sleazy Chicago move that harshly, I mean harshly, insults the intelligence of all American Citizens who need to unite on many, I mean many, fronts," shouted Butch who possesses most known facts and things at his finger tips most of the time. At this very moment those finger tips spilled his coffee as he exuberantly slammed them on the number 1 table at the Hubbard City Cafe.

Folks left pretty quick as the World's Greatest Waitress, Linda, burst from the kitchen with towel in hand and a glare in her eye.

Think about those Bureaucrats,


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  1. Words of wisdom from Butch and B.M. By the way I wish a speedy recovery for Butch who recently had surgery. Bet he was still talking during surgery.

    Lanky from Hubbard