Monday, June 28, 2010

Bonus Blog: Revealing Obama's Quiz Along With Billy Roy's Calendar

Billy Roy Mitchum, local country singer/philosopher/follower of big and many little events, received the following quiz that was taken by the leaders of the G-20 countries meeting in Canada this weekend to discuss major world events.  BM was invited to the event in his informal capacity as Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe but was unable to attend since he was performing at the Cowboy Club in Mexia this past weekend. 

In BM's absence, Obama was the only attendee from the US.  Things turned real bad when the current US leader was informed that teleprompters were not allowed.  It seems Obama answered all questions with a huge B and arrogantly stormed from the room prompting attendees to hold a raging debate over the clinical possibility of whether the current US leader could possibly be a complete imbecile while suffering from a huge dose of arrogance.  Obama was the only attendee who answered every question wrong.  Even the Chinese leader got three answers right even though he neither could read nor understand the English written quiz.

The quiz (remember Obama selected "b" on every question):

1.  When your country is spending more money than it is receiving in revenue by several $Trillion each year creating an unsustainable national deficit, your government should:
         a)  Reduce your spending to fall in line with revenues
         b)  Increase your spending and call it stimulus while declaring it the short term thing to do

2.  If citizens of your country can not afford to own a home, they should:
        a)  Not buy a home
        b)  Go ahead with a home purchase and rely on someone called Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

3.  When none of your civilian defense team support you and your Generals war strategy, you should:
       a)  Change your war strategy, gain their agreement, or ask them to leave
       b)  Fire your General for questioning how engaged you are in the war

4)  If your current government run health care systems (medicaid and medicare) are bankrupt, you should:
      a)  Take measures to make the system responsive to free market principles
      b)  Add 12 million new people to the system

5)  If 15 million people have illegally entered your country, you should:
      a)  Enforce the borders immediately while taking all measures to deport the illegals
      b)  Sue any state or organization that tries to enforce existing immigration laws

Now by popular demand the following is Billy Roy's performance schedule:

July 2          Fairfield VFW                                                                  8:00 PM
July 3          Downtown Dawson                                                          8:00 PM
July 17        Wild Bill's Steak House, Hubbard                                     8:00 PM
Aug 20        Rosenthal Dance, Rosenthal                                              8:30 PM
Aug 21        Old Town, Hubbard                                                         9:00 PM
Sept 4         West Fest, Downtown West                                             8:30 AM
Sept 25       Cowboy Club, Mexia                                                       9:00 PM
Oct 2          Wild Bill's Steak House, Hubbard                                     8:00 PM

Also, BM appears every second Saturday of each month at Martin's Music Hall in downtown Corsicana on the Big C Jamboree at 7:00 PM.

This writer will reimburse any attendees cover charge that does not thoroughly enjoy any of these gigs.

But then I could write a book about the things I don't know,


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