Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Heard It Here: The Next Big Scam

Folks like Billy Roy and Butch have a good nose for smelling "low life" type people before it is obvious to the general population that something bad is happening.  Maybe it is because famous criminals, cheaters, thieves, and even murderers have been known to roam Hill County and surrounding areas.  People like John Wesley Hardin from Bonham, a famous gunfighter who claimed to have killed 41 men including the City Marshal, L. J. Hoffman of neighboring Waco, Texas.  Others included Clyde Barrow the male member of the Bonnie and Clyde outlaw gang.  Clyde came from the neighboring Ellis County and was rumored to have had relatives in Hubbard where he visited frequently between robbing big banks and little stores and killing law enforcement officers.  By the way, the locals say it is a known fact that Bonnie smoked unfiltered Camel cigarettes and not cigars contrary to press reports.

This writer would rather not mention more recent characters of lesser offenses who made a good living around Hubbard City stealing railroad cross ties, railroad iron bridges and things of this nature.  Without going any further and risking losing friends, let's just say folks like Billy Roy and Butch can sniff fowl play.  So with this as the background I posed the question to the cafe folks when I visited Hubbard this past week end celebrating with my fellow classmates, several of which were paroled to attend the event, our 50th High School Graduation Anniversary.  (As a side note, our class is slowing down as just one alleged 'pinching' was reported in the entire 6 hour visitation.)  Back to the question which was, "What big scams do you see on the horizon what with Obama being a Communist and everything?"

Well Butch being the historian and keeper of facts, figures, and mostly free advice kicked it off, "To really understand what's coming you have to really understand where we have been.  In 1992 Arkansas' then current version of Bonnie and Clyde, under the names of Hillary and Bill, ran for the Presidency of these United States with very little chance of succeeding in a fair and open election.  And then out of the blue came a strange Dallas rich guy named Ross (to be confused and compared to the Bonnie and Clyde driver named Moss) who ran on a third party ticket. The story was that Ross Perot was so worried about the country that he paid his own expenses to run an expensive campaign that pulled enough votes from the Republicans for the Arkansas bandits to get to the White House.  Now this is the same Ross Perot that is so tight that when he currently eats at his favorite BBQ joint in Dallas that he gets a child's plate to save money.  What motivated Ross, we are not sure, but there is something strange in the wood pile somewhere."

Billy Roy couldn't resist picking this story up, "Butch as I recall Perot ran a second time in 1996 using government funding this time to siphon off Republican votes to re-elect the Clintons.  Now if he didn't know he was electing them the first time, he sure as hell knew he was in '96.  Why would a conservative libertarian-type business man do this twice?"

"As always BM, you drove the nail with one mighty stroke," responded Butch who is somewhat subject to exaggeration and being a big fan and semi-political advisor to Billy Roy.  "Take us home, BM."

"Will do, Butch.  So where are we now?  Obama, a known commie, is shifting control of the country from the people and private sector to the governing elite at a dizzying pace.  Folks are catching on because folks may be slow but they are not completely stupid, and the Libs know with current trends the days of  Obama and Democratic majorities are numbered.  So we now see the first signs of the BIG SCAM.  Bill Clinton is beginning to openly criticize Obama, and secondly, he is beginning to pick so called 'moderate' dems to run against Obama's libs like in Colorado.  Meanwhile Bonnie, oops I mean Hillary, is beginning to make statements about things much broader (or should we say more Presidential) than her do 'nothing job' as Secretary of State (announcing that the Justice dept is suing Arizona and rich people round the world should pay more taxes).  This is all orchestrated with the media running polls saying the American people have more confidence in Hillary than both Obama and likely Republican candidates."

Butch allowed BM  to catch his breath saving himself for his singing performances this week end, "So it is clear to anyone but a semi-casual observer that the plan is to give the appearance of throwing Obama overboard (they will probably let him run the UN) and bring Clyde, sorry I mean Bill, back into the White House to 'balance the budget like he did before' and Hillary to come in as President to continue to earn the respect we are gaining around the World by retreating from any confrontation and surrendering our leadership both economically and militarily.  As any intelligent person knows there is not a dimes worth of difference between Hillary and Obama's Socialist beliefs.  A recent poll showed the only income group that still supports Obama with a majority are those who make under $20,000, or in other words, those who don't pay taxes.  So if the elites can make that group larger with stuff like amnesty, and if the Clinton's can one more time convince voters they are moderate, they can get another 4 to 8 years to create government dependencies with voters who want to overthrow the American system by redistributing wealth."

Well never did I expect my scam question to reach an answer of these heights, but with the Folks at the Hubbard City Cafe you just never know, do you?

By now the only people still at the Cafe were BM and Butch because the rest of the folks came to talk about Al Gore.  Well maybe next time.

As for me, I could write a book about what I don't know.


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