Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good News From Europe

The folks at the Hubbard City Cafe may be the first in the nation to celebrate the good news from Europe, that being that SOCIALISM IS FAILING. As Billy Roy puts it, "You would think that watching the fall of the Soviet Union would be lesson enough. But it wasn't, what with Greece bankrupt and having to be bailed out by the Germans, who aren't happy about it at all. And they say Spain, Italy, and maybe even the UK are next. Even European folks will not put up with this kind of thing. Why should Germans work hard so that Greeks can retire early and well? The whole European Union idea is crumbling. And thank God, because we were following their path to some kind of Secular-Socialism as Newt puts it."

Butch jumped feet first, "I beg to differ, BM. We aren't following, we are racing to Socialism. According to the latest estimates, Obamacare will add more than $500 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years and $1.5 trillion in the decade following. Thank goodness support for the repeal of Obamacare is growing faster than the weeds in my chicken yard."

Joe Frank Dell responded before Butch could filibuster, "At least we have a chance to repeal Health Care. The stimulus and bail outs are money spent. Bozo Biden says the stimulus worked. And now the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its monthly jobs report last week showing that the economy added 431,000 jobs in May. But don't let that number fool you. Of those 431,000 jobs, 411,000 jobs were temporary government Census jobs. In fact, private sector job growth actually fell in May, from 231,000 new private sector jobs in April to just 41,000 new private sector jobs in May. Combining the private and public sectors--the nation's unemployment rate fell to 9.7% as 286,000 workers left the labor force. In total the U.S. economy has now lost a net of 2.2 million jobs since 'Whose Ass Do I Kick' Obama signed his stimulus bill and his administration is now 7.2 million jobs short of what he promised."

BM came back, "I do believe this cloud has a silver lining, and if you're looking for one in the Greek crisis, here it is...Socialism's surprising resurgence in popularity over the past few years has crapped out. Done. Finished. They are proving what normal people know, you can't tax and spend your way to prosperity. Sooner or later, a thief like Obama that promises everything to everyone runs into the problem that there's no one left to pay for any of it -- and the house of cards collapses. That's what's happening in Greece and what's likely to happen in the rest of Europe, and it will stand in the way of any further efforts by Obama to take us down the road to Euro-socialism."

Butch muscled back in, "Just wait until the American people realize that we are already on the hook for Europe's debt. That's because much of the $1 trillion they're using to bail out Greece comes from the U.S. by way of the International Monetary Fund, to which we're by far the largest contributor. And that $1 trillion, you can be sure, is just the beginning. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the Left has thoroughly infiltrated our society. That is, they hold power, influence and control of colleges, the elite news media, Hollywood, union leaders, trial lawyers, the courts, the Congress, and the bureaucracy at all levels of government. They are radically redefining (or as Obama says transforming) our very culture by deciding what is news, what is entertainment, what our children learn in school, and what kind of government we should have."

By now the lunch crowd began to flow into the cafe as the celebration of the Fall of European Socialism ran a little long. Even to the point that BM didn't even get to summarize. He probably would have said, "You heard the good news here first, the Greeks have awakened the American voter, who not only knows whose ass to kick but where to find them, and that would be in the White House."

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