Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally, Californians Are Asking For Help From The Folks

To:  Billy Roy Mitchum in care of the Hubbard City Cafe

From:  Dave Hanna (friend of Jim Hammock)

Subject:  California Needs Your Help

BM, I follow your group discussions at the Cafe closely.  I also know that you guys follow our struggles here in California and want you to know there is hope on the horizon for us. In fact we are approaching one of the most important races in the country here in my backyard. California’s gubernatorial election is between Meg Whitman, a Republican and former CEO of eBay, and Jerry Brown, an ultra-liberal and career politician.

Meg joined eBay in March 1998, when it had 30 employees and revenues of approximately $4 million. During her time as CEO, the company grew to approximately 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue by 2008. BM, I know you will agree that Meg produced more jobs at eBay than the entire Obama administration has in their combined careers. This is just what we need at this moment in our country's history.

I am serving as a Co-Chair for Meg’s campaign and doing everything I can to make sure that she’s elected in November. Meg will be in Texas on Monday, August 16th, for three private fund raising events . I’ve included her schedule below and hope that you will encourage your Hubbard City Cafe followers to attend one of her events.

BM, as my good friend Jim Hammock knows, I am a huge fan of the State of Texas. I lived there as an IBM salesman in Houston in the late 6os. I've been in Texas politics starting in 1999 when I served as then Governor Bush's High Tech Co-Chair for California. I'm currently one of two co-chairs in California for the George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU.

And now we Californians, who are trying to straighten out our mess, need help from our Texas friends.

Here is Meg's schedule:

Monday, August 16th

Breakfast – San Antonio 8:00 AM at the Club Giraud
Lunch – Houston 12:00 PM at The Houstonian Hotel
Reception – Dallas 5:00 PM at Crescent Club

Those wishing to attend or make contributions to Meg's campaign may contact Alison McIntosh at 214-520-2194 or Alison@mcintoshcompany.com.

Thanks for your consideration, and I will stop by the Cafe on my next trip through Hubbard.


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  1. Don't take it as an affront. I'm sure Meg wanted to visit Hubbard and specifically the cafe but needs to visit the big cities where she can reach lots of people in a short time. Pass the hat and support her...we will here in Austin. We gotta get CA turned in the RIGHT direction!