Thursday, August 12, 2010

Listen to Ray Stevens, Vote for Bill Flores, and Stay Tuned to The Hubbard City Cafe

Billy Roy says his old buddy Ray Stevens has outdone himself with his new video and song satirizing and making fun of the illegal immigration thing, "The latest stats are that 1 of every 12 children born in the USA today are to illegal immigrants.  At present, it is estimated that some 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the U.S. -- with Latinos accounting for 75% of undocumented U.S. immigrants and about 85% of the births among that group.  How do we punish these illegals?  We make their babies full American citizens and spend an estimate of $338,000,000,000 (that is billions) a year on education, welfare, health care, and services for illegals.  No wonder folks feel like things in today's world are just turned upside down."

Scott Riddle, whose cows may or may not cause global warming in downtown Hubbard every July and August depending on where you take your coffee, says there is hope.  In fact he attended a meeting last night to meet Bill Flores a US Congressional candidate running in District 17 against a longtime career politician.  Seems candidates are flocking to the Hubbard City Cafe to gain support and backing from the prestigious coffee drinkers who call the Cafe their Semi-World Headquarters.

Seems like Scott Riddle feels that a country running a $1.4 trillion deficit every year because of spending habits worse than pipeline cowboys on a Saturday night could benefit from electing some actual experienced and successful business people who are willing to go work to get the kinks out of Washington D.C.

Scott says, "Bill Flores is a CPA, MBA, and former successful CEO of an Oil Company.  He grew up on a ranch and knows what hard work is.  He is a Conservative first, and believes in limited government.  There aren't many guys around these days that would go to Washington to help clean up the Obama/Pelosi/Reid mess."

When I asked Scott about Bill's opponent, Chet Edwards, the answer was, "He is a career politician who voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 96.1% of the time during the current Congress.  What else do you need to know?"

Butch Jackson, not to be left out of the conversation, said, "This all comes as that guy in the White House just lost his third CEO of Obama Motors, formerly known as GM until Obama gave it to the United Auto Workers.  Obama's takeover team is made up of politicians, academics, middle aged revolutionaries, and wall street crooks.  There is not a reputable business man that could stomach Obama's socialistic takeover of this country.  And Obama thinks businesses aren't adding jobs because of what is happening in Greece.  Hell, most small business people who create 3/4 of the jobs don't even know where Greece is."

Well certainly the folks have given you thinking people enough to ponder so here are a couple of links to peruse during your pondering.

First, Ray Stevens new video (really good):

Next, Bill Flores Web Site (a really good guy)

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