Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Obama-Ed", By Any Other Name, Smells Like Nazi Germany

George C. Scott, playing the role of General Patton, was watching his troops destroy the German General Erwin Rommel's tanks in the dessert when he said with great relish, "I read your book, you brilliant SOB". Well, the folks at the Cafe have read some books as well.

"Adolph Hitler was elected by 98% of the German vote that was driven by misplaced patriotism and the German people's greed. The German lunatic and his communications guru, Joseph Goebbels, had convinced the folks that the government would take care of them," Billy Roy Mitchum opened what some feared to be an aimless history lesson. What with the Hubbard Jaguars win less so far this very long season the folks didn't have much in the way of other things to talk about nor to listen to.

"Hitler then gave away free radios right before he nationalized the radio stations. In another two stepper he looted the banks, and then nationalized them because they were in trouble because they had been looted (sound anything like Goldman Sachs and Washington DC's crony capitalism). On a roll, he took over the one auto manufacturer so that he could build the 'people's car' for the 98% of the folks that voted for him (and it wasn't even electric). Then came nationalizing education, religion, and of course, health care."

Billy Roy, wanting to relieve some tension because the folks were seeing some parallels here, proclaimed, "If you are following the news closely you will notice that EDUCATION is the next thing on the Obama wish list. Thank goodness Obama doesn't have 98% of the voters behind him."

Well, Scott Riddle, local cattle baron and father of one of the very best 2nd grade teachers in these United States, came alive, "Don't think that will stop him one bit, BM. Obama and his Chicago goons are taking the 'Oprah' route to a complete federal takeover of education."

The folks got really interested in this particular conversation knowing that Scott is one of the very few that could challenge BM in any way and not liking much about what they know about Oprah.  They listened their very hardest just as BM said, "Hows that, Scott, and what in the heck is the Oprah route?"

"Obama had Oprah set the stage for him last week right there in their home park of Chicago. She brought the Oprah Circus to town. Oprah featured a new movie called 'Waiting for Superman' about bringing changes to public education because it is in CRISIS like Wall Street, autos, and health care were before Obama fixed them. Oprah brings together Arnie Duncan, former school superintendent from Chicago and Obama's director of Education, the black Mayor of Newark, N.J., the teen age looking CEO of Facebook, and throws in the New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, making it all  look kinda 'bi-partisan'. The Facebook CEO is giving a 'challenge grant' to the Newark school system of $100 million (with an M). This illustrious group even use the big lie that they will take on the Teachers Union in their attempts to help the kids. TV doesn't get better than this."

"President Obama followed Oprah's show with an interview with that jerk, NBC's Matt Laur, and said it 'is heartbreaking' when you see what parents are dealing with. He then discussed what his education chief, Duncan, calls 'the quiet revolution'. Obama boasted to Lauer that what he calls his 'Race to the Top' program was 'probably the most powerful tool we've seen for education reform in a couple of decades'."

Scott was loaded for bear, "What Obama did not say was that 'The Race to the Top' competition, with $4.3 billion in economic stimulus money, was tied directly to the Teacher's Unions. In fact, one of the criteria for winning a federal grant was securing teachers' union support. Some states lost out for this reason. Others didn't even bother to compete because of clashes with union bosses. This whole ploy is to quietly increase federal control, while reducing the role of states, localities and individuals. Ultimately they will centralize control with federal bureaucrats (just like Obamacare). Congress has had no say in the matter."

Butch Jackson's hackles were raised way high, "Thank goodness Rick Perry (Governor of the Great State of Texas) ain't buying this at all.  Governor Perry said, 'So, we know what works for our children. And the fact is that Washington's Race to the Top, with their national standards, and their national testing -- yet to be worked out, of course -- we think would be devastating to the young people in the state of Texas.'  I guess Rick's not falling for that Hitler free radio.  He knows it smells like Obama-Ed."

Sometimes a truck can cool down so far that they are hard to get started again so Sweet Lou Tekell interrupted by suggesting that the folks, "Reconvene on this subject later in the week expecting Scott to provide some insight into how they can stop Obama from running Scott's daughter's second grade school room." The folks unanimously seconded Lou's motion which eliminated the need for a vote.

Think about it and stay tuned,


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