Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeding Kids a Secular Egg White Breakfast Won't Fix the Education Problem!!!

Scott Riddle promised to get back to the cafe to continue the discussion on education but was late doing so since the threw his back out doing something that he is keeping real personal.  In any case he finally showed up and the following discussion was reported by Aunt Martha.

Trying to gain the Cafe audience's attention requires some real strategy, well honed tactics, and a little showmanship at times. A fact not missed by an accomplished country and western performer and current residing Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe like Billy Roy Mitchum, "Let's get back to this Opra thing. In typical Opra fashion she thinks if her Obama crowd can hoodwink folks with a little entertainment to tug on the heartstrings people will feel like she and her rich elite liberal friends can convince folks they are solving their problems like with the schools. This is how they feel good about themselves by helping peons like us. When the crap clears all they have done is spend our money on union salaries (who vote for their buddies), pensions, and school breakfasts that most kids won't eat."

"Opra and Michelle Obama try to convince us that if we serve ghetto kids a healthy breakfast of egg whites, pay their teachers (Obama voters) more money, stop saying prayers in school, report Islam as the religion of peace in all school books, and hang Barrack Hussein Obama pictures on every wall that we can all feel better about things for a while. Obama would say that others before him, that being George Bush, have dug such a deep hole and pushed our schools into that hole that it will take him a while to get the kids out."

"You are way more than just being right," Scott Riddle waded into the discussion. Clearly he had been tutored by his daughter Donna, one of the world's greatest 2nd grade school teachers residing just outside the Hubbard City limits. "As usual the last thing Opra and Obama's crew want people to focus on is the truth about the problems with our schools,"

Scott went silent knowing the folk's rear ends were barely clinging to the edge of the cafe straight backs. "Don't get me wrong, I am the first to say the schools need to kick the unions out right after they kick the federal government out, and then hold the teachers accountable, but that won't fix the problem. The problem starts at home with the family."

"Pure and simple, good families send good students to good schools. Then all the teachers have to do is teach. Bad schools today, many in those big cities like Newark, have poor children who have no parents (or a single parent many times unemployed and on welfare), with a system that says the more brothers and sisters, the bigger the government check for the caretaker (many times a grandmother). Each additional child means less time at home to prepare the student. These kids come to school with no preparation, no manners, no concept of morals, no discipline, no respect for anyone much less authority, and no religious values. School restrictions not only prohibit prayer but most disciplinary action as well. You put 30 of these kids in a classroom and the teacher has no chance of success. And what does Washington do? They make the teacher focus on getting the kids to pass some stupid test.  Oh, yea, and force the schools to feed them those egg whites for breakfast.  Who the hell likes egg whites?"

"Good parents have no choice but to try to send their kids to special schools with students who come from other good parents. Charter schools with bad parents would be no better than public schools with bad parent."

"And here comes Opra to the rescue. She is unmarried, believes any form of religion is OK as long as it doesn't intrude on any one's behavior, and is anything but a strong advocate of family values. Hell each of her homes is larger than any public school."

"So what do we do, Scott", Mom was near tears having been the Secretary to the Hubbard School Superintendent for many years in the good old days of quality education.

"We go forward by going back. Our founders created a Republic based on man's divine nature of freedom, responsibility, and rights that come from God. The founders knew, and warned us, that if these principles were trampled on, not only would our schools fail, but our Republic as well. When our government kicks God out of the classroom, subverts families in their homes by acting as welfare pimps to buy votes, weakens the concept of family to the point of even redefining marriage, and even creates crises to gain more central control of schools in violation of Constitutional Law what chance does a school teacher have? Even one as good as Donna Riddle. Given time, this big government, run by elite power hungry slime bags, will defeat Donna and drive the good teachers out."

"Local folks need to kick the federal government out of schools, keep more of our money at home and out of Washington, and get off our butts and help local families in need through our churches, charities, and businesses. It will take a generation to reverse the problems and is if we start right now, but it is sure as hell worth it. A vote on November 2 is a good way to start, but it is really just a very small step on a pretty long trip."

Billy Roy summed things up, "Scott, you've given this a lot of good thought.  Could you and Donna come back later in the week with 5 or 6 key things we can forward to our political friends and try to get this thing moving?"

This was one of those rare days where the folks didn't hurry to their trucks. The folks don't like anyone messing with their children and grandchildren. There was some degree of silence, and then they started on a really long trip.  The road they are on isn't that crowded so there is plenty of room to join up.

Think about it,


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