Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hubbard City Cafe's Contract With America

Billy Roy called a special afternoon coffee to publish the Cafe's Contract with America prior to the announced publication scheduled for tomorrow by the Republicans. BM said, "It was only fair to not copy nor second guess the Republicans." Folks in Hubbard think mostly about football this time of the year so BM kept his contract to six items:

1. Do not confirm the START Treaty, the UN Small Arms Treaty, or any other treaty agreed to by President Barrack Hussein Obama.

2. Enforce our current Immigration Laws immediately (period). Then, and only then, hold rigorous reviews of our current immigration laws and practices open to the public prior to making common sense changes.

3. Repeal Obamacare, and de-fund it until you can repeal it.

4.  Restore common sense regulation, spending, and taxing policies.  Specifically, hold politicians accountable for reducing government spending back to the levels when Reid and Pelosi took office in 2006, and freeze spending at these levels. Reduce taxes 10% overall including Corporate and Small Business taxes. Reduce government regulations on businesses by 20%.

5. Eliminate a minimum of two Federal Agencies and start the process by debating the value of the Departments of Education and Energy. (It goes without saying to eliminate all Czars.)

6. Congress should hold quarterly reviews showing respect to the country's military leaders requiring stated goals for each theater. Insure that our mission is clear, and our military voices are being heard for as long as we have our troops in harms way.

BM thinks there are other things to be done, or not done, but this should get the Calvary started when they arrive after November 2.


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