Thursday, October 7, 2010

And On the 8th Day God Needs to Come Back and Repair Families

Chairman Billy Roy kicked off today's discussion, "Scott, you have the floor.  We have stirred up a lot of dust about the problems of our educational systems, and we did some serious dumping on people like Opra, and as I recollect, you were going to suggest some specific things that need to be done to first improve our family situations, and in turn our schools as well."  As evidenced here, there are certain times that BM's sentences get pretty long.

Scott Riddle responded, "Well the preamble is mine, and then most of the other things I have to say come from school teachers I know.  My preamble has to do with this 'separation of church and state thing' that the Libs crow about.  It is a fact that no where can this church and state separation thing be found in the Declaration of Independence nor the US Constitution.  The term was used by one Thomas Jefferson in a letter in which he was worried about protecting states, local governments, and the folks from the Federal Government forcing a particular religion on everyone like they did in England.  Old smart Tom wanted to separate the state from supporting a particular religion not to separate the state from God."

 "He never intended to ban God from government, schools, football games, or any other place where the people choose to pray or talk about God.  In fact the founding fathers would tell us that we have no chance of making this republic form of government work without basing our governance on Judeo Christian principles.  Our fundamental right of Religious Liberty was intended to enable people the freedom to worship and spread their religion as they choose." 

"The reason I mention this first is that anyone who wants to ban God from our children and our schools is not serious about fixing our problems.  In closing on this issue I would pose the question:  What nation would be stupid enough to let a tiny group of atheists force their people to attempt to solve their problems without God's help?  Can't be done, and the founders and all smart people know it.  Who would want to stop people from praying that God watch over their football players?  Particularly if you have a real good team."

"Since our government likes to regulate things to protect us, let's give them a list of things to regulate to assist families and by assisting families assisting schools as well:

"So number 1, let's start by making sure all laws and policies support and encourage marriage while discouraging divorce and having children out of wedlock.  And, don't even think about redefining marriage to include same sexes, polygamist, or any other crazy ideas.  Half of all marriages today end in divorce, and 42% of Blacks, 30 years and older, have never  been married, while 65% of Black children are reared by single parents.  Today's welfare and divorce laws weaken the institution of marriage."

"Number 2, laws and policies should encourage and support work and make welfare rare, and truly a safety net.  If mothers continue to have children out of wedlock, they should not be rewarded.  In fact, if this situation persists, the children should be removed, adopted,  and put into good homes.  Do welfare the old fashioned way."

"Number 3, fathers should be held financially responsible for their offspring period)."

"Number 4, 'Do Gooders' should be allowed tax breaks for helping the East side of their hometowns.  Instead of unmarried Movie Stars adopting kids in Kenya and using them for publicity photos on magazine covers and then handing them off to nannies, they should adopt needy children in East Los Angeles, East Austin, or East Hubbard City.  My gosh, we have all seen the problems caused by bringing Kenyan kids to the US, just look at the White House."

The same thing is true for churches, charities, and local businesses who spend money and resources in poor countries around the world while doing very little for their own communities leaving it to the government who just screws it up and makes it worse."

"Number 5, REGULATE AND ENFORCE our existing immigration laws like the President and Congress have pledged to do.  What sane nation would take an education system drowning with students from bad families and dump another 10 million or so non-English speaking, non-tax paying illegal law breakers on top of the mess?  Enforce the borders and then create responsible immigration policies and enforce the law.  Impeach any politician who refuses to do so, starting with the head man."

"Number 6, as the founders intended, get the federal government out of family issues and education.  Eliminate the Department of Education and leave communities alone to take care of their own children.  Leave those taxes at home.  Don't take them to Washington and make locals kiss rear ends to get there money back."

"Seventh and last cause I ran out of ink, encourage families and schools to practice their Right of Religious Liberty striving to follow God's natural laws and the golden rule (love thy neighbor as thyself) as best we can without forcing any specific religion or church on any citizen.  Like most things God will fix these problems if we ask Him and listen real good."

Butch couldn't resist getting into the act, "Great ideas, Scott.  If we could attack these family issues it would be easy to change some school things like paying good teachers for good work, firing bad teachers, disciplining the students (heck get the paddle back out), and getting the unions, atheists, and socialists out of the schools.  Replace the Federal Department of Education with a House Committee on Un-American Activities and turn them loose on those communists meddling with school children."

Billy Roy was quick to add a suggestion as well.  "Regarding the kid's school menu and forcing them to eat those eqq whites, I don't think a hamburger, some peach cobbler, or a little fried chicken now and then is going to overly harm the little squirts.  Heck, look at us. We are more apt to live too long than not long enough, and we ate the good stuff."

Well, the Cafe folks have given us some stuff to think about.  I still think we could speed all this up if we divorced California from these United States.  In hind sight the Spaniards played a dirty trick by getting us to annex those people.


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  1. What novel ideas,freedom to pray,paying good teachers more,firing bad teachers,disciplining students,enforce existing immigration laws,get federal government out of family and education,right of religious liberty.....Jim I think you all are onto something good.Why has no one thought of this before? LOL but not funny. Keep it up,I love it.