Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Progressive Lapel Pin: One Big Old White Flag

Sweet Lou Tekell watches a lot of TV and is a world class channel flipper, particularly when something happens like Tony Romo getting his collar bone broken. Last night his flipping landed on Fox News, "They had this former Iranian Foreign Minister talking about our mid-term elections of all things. He said that these guys are going to put off their negotiations with Obama about Nuclear weapons until after the elections because they aren't going to agree to anything that the US wants, and they don't want to hurt the Democrats until after November 2. Combine these comments with the news that Iran is providing the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, with literally sacks of cash money (like $2m every two months) for his personal slush fund, and the pentagon leaks of just how much Iran was sending weapons and fighters into Iraq and Afghanistan to kill American soldiers, and you wonder if someone like Obama has any chance of coping with this Ahmadinejad guy."

"I don't wonder, I know Obama can't handle Ahma(whoever)," erupted Butch Jackson, local master of world events and facts of little to no significance. "And when you think that Obama, in all his wisdom, has our people like Patreaus sitting down as we speak with the Taliban and Iranians in Afghanistan briefing them on our strategy in hopes that they will negotiate some agreement that lets Obama pull out of what he called 'the good war' makes you shiver, and I don't shiver very easy at all."

There was some period of silence as the folks pondered on the thought of Butch shivering followed by Billy Roy's entrance into the conversation, him still being at home and on his fancy speaker phone, "I am afraid shivering won't get it when it comes to Iran. If it would Obama would be in good shape. So far, Obama’s policy toward Iran has been to incrementally increase sanctions by building a weak coalition and allow the sanctions to create shifts in Iran’s domestic political situation. Of course everybody that knows anything knows this ain't no strategy at all. With my time off I have researched just what kind of foreign policy platforms these so called Progressives endorse behind the scenes. When you get through reading this and shivering, you'll be lucky not to pee in your pants:

• Declare an end to the Global War On Terror (GWOT)
• Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force
• Withdraw all of our troops from foreign countries and bring them home immediately
• Close all military bases in foreign countries
• Reduce and limit the size of our armed forces to a level reasonably required to defend our homeland from attack
• Treat terrorism as a law enforcement problem and assign the primary responsibility for solving it to the FBI
• Repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the recently passed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (2008)
• End all domestic spying and wiretapping unless it complies with the Fourth Amendment, the Title III Electronic Surveillance Act, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (2000)
• Abolish the Central Intelligence agency
• Release all prisoners seized as part of the GWOT (Global War on Terror) who are not scheduled to be tried in federal court and release the ones who are acquitted
• Abolish the use of military tribunals
• Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

"So this is the list that Obama has in his pocket, and this is who we have negotiating with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, and not to mention negotiating Nuclear Arms treaties with the Russians. It looks to me like Obama does have a flag on his lapel, probably his pajamas only.  And it is a big old white one."

Maybe it is to scary to think about his too much unless you have a really strong bladder,


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