Thursday, October 21, 2010

Surprising Praise for House Leader Pelosi from the Cafe???????

Butch Jackson came into the cafe this week with all barrels blazing and in a T-shirt that said 'Party Till You Puke', "Did anyone see that witch, Pelosi, this weekend?  She said that the Dems would retain the House, that the polls were split evenly on approval of ObamaCare, and then spewed that socialist s__t that the biggest problem in the nation is that we are not taking  from the rich and giving to the middle class fast enough. We are doing OK on salaries, but we need to give them more 'ownership and equity'.  She said it is all about fairness.  I don;t know how she can be so caring and sweet with that skin pulled so tight on her face."

"I guess that means we need more things like ObamaMotors.  They took GM and Chrysler away from shareholders and gave it to the UAW while keeping most of it for the Federal Government as they claimed to be saving the US auto industry.  Pelosi says stuff like that, and she is so rich she couldn't go broke if she tried.  Darned if she don't fly around on a big old jet with a bar bill that costs more than 4 to 5 middle class folks can make working hard."

Butch proceeded uninterrupted and without caution as is his usual style, "My gosh, this gave me a nightmare.  Right there in the middle of the night  I dreamed I was working for Pelosi and watching her 'communications chief', who was a 7th year sophomore from California Berzekely University of an undeterminal sexual persuasion. Seems this spinner followed up his/her bosses remarks by sending a survey to their foremost political enemy, that being the Hubbard City Cafe of course. The dream was like really real, and the survey and polling looked like this:

As a result of Speaker Pelosi's interviews this weekend would you say Ms. Pelosi is:
1. Stupid                                   0
2. A Liar                                    0
3. All the Above                        10

"After getting the results the communications expert went to the 'antonym' dictionary (for those of you from Mr. Calm she was looking for opposites or upside down words) and found the following:

Antonyms for Stupid:         Astute, smart, clever

Antonyms for Liar:            Square shooter, straight shooter, straight arrow

"OK, having done her research this communication's specialist put out a press release about this survey:"

Surprising Praise for House Leader Pelosi

In her pursuit to stay in touch with all of her constituents, the historic first woman to be House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, polled the radical conservative extremists at the Hubbard City Cafe. Results were surprising.  First the poll was unanimous in that all respondents gave the same feedback. Secondly, when given the opportunity to describe her leadership traits in very negative terms, no one in this extreme group selected descriptions that would conflict with the pollster's views of her being  a smart and clever straight shooter.

Objective political analysts across the nation interpreted this as admiration from her political foes for Speaker Pelosi's historic achievements while serving as the first woman House Majority Leader and the 2nd in line, behind the VP, to the most significant political position in the world. Ms. Pelosi when presented with the polling results said 'she would continue to serve all of the American people and only wished  Hubbard City had a landing strip large enough for here to visit and thank the folks for their support..  Speaker Pelosi also voiced,' her sincere hope that this support from the Cafe would lead to a healing of all political wounds and a return to civility and bi-partisanship in Washington as she and President Obama prayed for on a regular basis'.

Billy Roy being the only one left listening about Butch's dream since he was on one of those fancy speaker phones recovering from back surgery from climbing up on too many stages to sing those sad Merl Haggard songs broke in, "Butch, I'm still here cause I don't have anyplace to go. Can we do a wrap here?"

"Sure, BM. My wrap was I waked up hearing myself screaming and then turned right there into a spittin mad man. That Pelosi drives me crazy.  Anybody that would believe her and vote Democrat has their head so firmly planted up their rear ends that it is unlikely that they would ever have another point of view.  BM......BM, are you still there? Well I guess I'll pick up the check today since everyone seemed to leave kinda early."

Seems like the lonely people like Butch and Nancy P. are having to stick together these days, even if it is in their dreams. And Nancy P. is not even going to have Butch on November 2.


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