Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If Obama Could Fool Swing Voters, Then Anybody Can!!!

Scott Riddle made a rare visit to the Cafe with a message way beyond the normal doom and gloom coming off a Thanksgiving Holiday, "The South Koreans are lucky.  They know who is trying to take over their country.  All they have to do is follow the artillery shells.  Our enemies are more dangerous and really scary.  Last week, just as Pelosi told us would happen, we began to find out more that was in Obamacare. Little things like Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, just told the health insurance companies that they must pay 85% of their revenues for claims leaving 15% for costs and profits. Obviously this is how Obama and his commie pals plan to drive the insurance companies out of business in order for the government to takeover. They call it moving to a 'single payer system'. Everything they do in Obamacare drives costs up and service down. It is clearly structured to make consumers unhappy with the evil insurance companies so the government can come to the rescue."

"That wasn't the only shot fired," joined in Butch Jackson, who is known for coming prepared with several sets of data so that he can respond to most any topic.  "This came the same week that Obama motors went public followed by a huge celebration by the savior of the American Auto Industry. This same government saved Goldman Sachs, former home of the then current Secretary of the Treasurer, while letting one of their primary competitors, Lehman Brothers, go out of business. The same government that by-passes a neutered Congress by creating Czars with huge over paid staffs to write regulations to cripple American businesses forcing them to crawl to the government for bailouts."

Scott is a well known Texas Hold'em player of some renown and is not without some knowledge of strategy,"The formula is clear.  First, demonize companies, whole industries, and capitalism itself.  Second, regulate, regulate, and regulate to protect the public and to weaken and intimidate these evil companies (emissions for autos, forcing bad housing loans on banks in the name of social justice, excessively regulating pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of new drugs, phony global warming schemes to control energy futures, forcing greater services on insurance companies while controlling their pricing, etc.)  Third, control business either through crony capitalism, social democracy (state capitalism), or direct communist control."

Butch gets really pumped when he hears about formulas and stuff and is not beyond excessive name dropping,  "Nothing new here.  Nothing that Hitler, Lenin, Castro, Mao, California, and others haven't done before.  All they do is change the names of their techniques.  The Chinese are now calling themselves 'State Capitalist' which means the State controls the companies no different than the Communists did before.  They are just trying to deceive the world since they are expanding their markets dramatically.  Meanwhile the State controls everything including their currency to gain advantages in free markets.  Hitler called his government 'Social Democrats'."

Billy Roy Mitchum brought some hope but a lot of scary stuff as well, "Thank goodness there is push back from folks like the Tea Party.  You would think that business leaders would be the first to defend the Constitution against these new corporate raiders but it appears they have all become a bunch of deflowered steers.  They spend millions to send their lobbyists to Washington in hopes of getting a favored position with these commies.  Take GE, they once were led by a true patriot named Jack Welch, and now they are the worst Obama boot lickers in DC.  They just don't seem to make em anymore like the old Ford guy, Lee Iacocca.  The Chrysler and GM leaders just took their separation pay and gave the company to the unions and government without even a whimper.   Screwed the shareholders to high heaven.  As far as I am concerned we just have one car company left, Ford.  I trust Toyota more than the other two."

"Meanwhile, Obama’s freeze on federal employee payrolls announced last week is really just a partial freeze that applies only to 2011 and 2012 cost of living increases. Most federal employees will still receive seniority-based pay increases over the next two years, and no one’s federal benefits will be affected.   Retirement age for federal employees is 56 which is ridiculous.  Current federal pay plans give the average federal employee 30–40 percent greater total compensation (wages and benefits) than a comparable private sector worker.  And Obama is acting like he has really stepped up to the plate.  As is always the case with Obama, it is just a bunch of BS." 

"These next three years are pivotal.  The formula is clear and the foundation is laid for a Communist takeover.  We are balancing between state control and freedom.  Right now I think the odds are 40/20/40 that we could go either way.  The 20 represent thoughtless swing voters.  If Obama can fool them, just about anybody can.  Or hell, he might even do it a second time.  Last week I ask one of the Drug Store Libs why he voted for Obama.  I said was it ignorance or apathy that made you do it?  His answer,' I don't know, and I don't care'."

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