Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't Mess With BM's Pick Up Truck and More

Billy Roy doesn't like people messing with his way of life, his State of Texas, his friends, or his pick up truck.  Ken Salazar, Obama's Secretary of the Interior, violated all of those this week, "You know meanness don't just happen overnight, and theses Obama guys, like all communists, are really mean.  The Obama administration reversed itself this week by expanding the ban on offshore oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Coast (note all are mostly Red States). They say the BP oil spill revealed weaknesses in ‘federal regulation’. This, plus the Debt Commission that recommends raising taxes of 15 cents on every gallon of gasoline tightens the ‘Obama noose’ on the oil industry. So in typical socialist fashion, what they can’t get by passing Cap and Trade legislation, they will attempt to get through bureaucratic regulation. Additionally, Obama created two new government agencies to generate more regulations on the oil industry. The bottom line is this action will raise prices of petroleum products for all Americans, reduce tax collections for the US increasing our deficit, eliminates thousands of high paying jobs with unemployment at 10%, and increases our country’s dependence on Arab oil. Bin Laden with the help of George Soros couldn’t have come up with a more damaging terrorist scheme than what Obama and his idiot henchman Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, have done."

Butch picked up on Scott Riddle's formula for communist takeovers and jumped in with both feet, "See the formula at work: First, demonize BP and big oil companies. Second, regulate, regulate, regulate as they tighten the noose. Third, take control and redistribute income."

"In the same week, Obama applauds the Obama-Motors introduction of the Chevy Volt. It sells for $41,000 and costs $40,000 to build which is $10,000 more than it’s competitors which are 3 times more fuel efficient than the Volt. So Obama offsets these pesky little problems by giving any one dumb enough to buy one of these silly little cars $15,000 of tax payer money."

Mom broke several weeks of silence with an infusion of  relevant statistics, "Speaking of tax payers the latest income statistics show the top 1% of tax payers is paying 40% of all income taxes, the top 2% pay 50%, and the top 10% pay 70%. Can you believe the Democrats are trying to use the Bush tax cut extension debates to show how unfair the system is with the rich not paying their fair share. Obviously the socialist want to get over 50% of the voters paying no taxes to attempt to buy enough votes to insure a majority."

BM closed, as usual, with comments on the big picture, "Obama wants to pour fuel on any debate that he can use to position the 'haves' (working people with incomes and companies) and the 'have nots' (everyone else plus those people who represent the 'have nots' including lawyers, the guilt ridden super rich elite, politicians, government employees, and union officials). This is right out of the old communist playbook."

Think about the many ways this same scenario is playing out (energy, autos, health care, education, etc.).


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