Monday, December 13, 2010

Compromise My "You Know What"

Local banker and world class bass fisherman, Doyle Lee Wholeman, adopted Scott Riddle's formula for Communist takeovers and added some big words. He calls it, first, DEMONIZE secondly, REGULATE, and lastly, CONFISCATE. Doyle Lee says it doesn't just apply to the health care industry, autos, bankers, and other industries, "This week the Socialists are after the successful people. Those who have high incomes and that have accumulated some wealth. Of course, these are also the folks that spend money, contribute big time to charities and churches, and create jobs which is what the US economy and economic freedom is all about. Every job I have ever had came from one of these people.  In the good old days every school child in the country was studying hard and working odd jobs in hopes of becoming one of these successful people. In fact, successful people were seen as role models and heroes."

"Obama and his Progressive Communist friends are practicing old school class warfare. They DEMONIZE by calling them the 'rich' or 'millionaires and billionaires' who want to avoid paying 'their fair share of taxes'. Their suggested REGULATION is a more drastic form of progressive taxation while creating more and more hand outs and stimulus to liberal voters. The CONFISCATION takes many forms. One is requiring ancestors to sell off assets (farms, ranches, and job producing businesses) to pay death taxes on estates that have already been taxed as income. Lenin, himself, could not have orchestrated this any better than Obama and his crowd. It is amazing how many Americans are accepting of this scam."

Butch went to his notes as he is generally apt to do, "Talk about fairness let's look at the numbers and trends. In 1987 the top 1% or those with the highest income paid 24% of all taxes. In 2007 they paid 40.4%. This is after what the propagandist commies said 'Bush gave tax cuts to the rich'. The top 5% of tax payers while making 37% of the total income, pay 60% of the total taxes. Back to Bush's tax cuts. The country had lost 267,000 jobs in the six quarters before the 2003 tax cuts. The country gained 5,307,000 jobs over the next 4 years. And as far as spending goes, the top 2% of tax payers buy 30% of all goods purchased in our economy. And to top this 'fairness' thing off 47% of workers pay 0 taxes. Obama is working hard to make this group larger before the 2012 election."

"Bottom line," as usual Billy Roy pontificated, " if you want less of something tax it more. If you want more of something tax it less. Lower tax rates mean investments in equipment, hiring new employees, and people working harder to keep more of what they earn. It is that simple to an honest man. Socialists who are trying to gain power at the expense of the little people through class warfare are far from honest. They want to divide the 'makers' from the 'takers' in hopes that the 'takers' will soon be in the majority. The sad part of the story is the little man who falls for this idiot pitch, and believes in free lunches, gets hurt the most thinking that government will take care of him. Just look at the poverty in Communist countries like Cuba, North Korea, and of course, the Soviet Empire bankrupted itself. China is moving toward capitalism and creating wealth after years of poverty under Communism."

"Successful people, the makers, will flee excessive taxation. Look at the states. Those with 'fair' taxes based on real estate and sales taxes are prospering. States like Texas and Florida. Those that have added progressive income taxes like the Federal Government (California, New York, Illinois, etc.) are in big trouble because successful people are relocating to states where the tax systems are fair. The more I spend the more I pay but at a fair rate. These 'fair' states are not redistributing income and creating welfare voters to elect corrupt officials."

"I never thought I would see the day that an American business man would flee the US and seek production in China to avoid the high costs of union labor, government regulations, and excessive taxation. Our founders must be spinning in their graves. All the while, Obama and crew are screaming that our move to socialism needs to go faster and faster so that he can 'save us from going over a cliff'. Obama wants higher taxes, more government spending, and more government control over the mean rich people. And most recently we are to believe that Obama will move to the middle and everything will be OK? Last week he said he welcomes the opportunity to debate tax reform with the Republicans over the next two years. He must think we are really stupid."

Let's think twice before we accept any compromise from people out to destroy our republic,


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  1. I owe every career opportunity that I've ever had to people who had more money than I. Why on earth would I want to bite the hand that feeds me?