Friday, December 17, 2010

Blue States Boss the Military From Afar

A Note From Billy Roy Mitchum Unoffical Chairman of the Hubbard City Cafe


Interesting that the Liberals, who hang out in the Blue States, want to openly force gays in the military over the objections of our military leaders when they provide very few soldiers to the military. If you rank the states by the number of soldiers in the military per capita the Red (Republican) States have 17 of the top 20 with Hawaii being the only Blue state in the top ten. If you go to the bottom, those states who have the smallest number of soldiers in the military per capita, the Blue States (Democrats) have 16 of the bottom 20 in the rankings with only Michigan ranking lower than our largest populated state of California who ranked 49th. There is no surprise the great state of Texas leads all states with 12.8% of enrollments followed by Florida with 7.8%. Our largest state, California, has just over 1% of military enrollments ranking just behind Kansas and even Massachusetts. Yet the land of fruits and nuts has the most votes in congress telling the military how to run their business in fighting wars. Obamaland, Illinois, ranks 38th per capita.

Just doesn't seem right somehow.  Our Secretary of Defense, Gates, claims he is for the Congress forcing the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" because he doesn't want the courts to force it.  Looks to me like this is a lame excuse for kissing Obama's rear at the expense of our soldiers.  Me, I trust the military leaders to decide how we should be defending ourselves and fighting wars more than I trust a Blue State dominated Congress.

I also clipped this from yesterday's news.  Thank goodness Obama is breaking another promise to his Blue State Libs.  "The Obama administration's year-end review of its Afghanistan war strategy upholds a pledge to begin a 'responsible, conditions-based' troop drawdown starting in July 2011 -- but senior military officials downplayed the timeline, telling Fox News they do not expect combat troops to be leaving by that time. "

"Military officials in Kabul dismissed the July time frame as D.C. politics, saying the only date the military cares about is 2014. That's the date NATO forces have set for ending combat operations and turning over responsibility to the Afghan government -- the deadline was agreed to at the NATO summit in Lisbon last month. Officials told Fox News that if anybody is leaving Afghanistan by July 2011, it will be administrative troops on large bases."

So of course it looks like Obama will pull troops out in July without pulling any troops out.  I guess that is like stimulating jobs by driving up unemployment.  Lowering the costs of health care by spending $3Trillion (with a T) of tax payer money.  Saving GM by confiscating it from shareholders.  Protecting the borders by suing the border States in support of the illegals.  Things just seems kinda upside down.

I know you will think about all this.  Sometimes it hurts my head real bad.

Billy Roy

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