Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Obama Is Either Stupid or a Socialst, and He Isn't Stupid"

To destroy a Christian Nation at some point in time you must destroy their military.  A good first step might just be to make it a "secular vehicle for social justice".  Just brand the military as a segment of our society that is basically ignorant, barbaric, and locked in a time warp.

Scott Riddle, local rancher and insurance baron, has given the Cafe a formula that they are using to test current events in DC, which is on a path of becoming the Socialist Capital of the World.  Scott's formula was:


Now that the high school football season is over, even though Hubbard went 0-10 and never had a season, Butch Jackson has more time to follow world events, "The Teapartyers did some damage to Obama's plans to take control of the US economy so he is going strong to takeover and cripple our National Defense while we have our guards down thinking we just need to cut Government spending and reduce the deficit.  Obama couldn't agree more about cutting government spending if it weakens our defenses.  With the help of Republicans in name only he pushed through a repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'."

Scott says it fits the formula, "I heard the Socialist media DEMONIZING the military by talking about how 'ignorant' military people are by being afraid that gays would attack them in their showers.  Obama says every other military in the world has gays.  He never mentions that most of them don't fight wars and depend on the US for protection.  The REGULATION is clear by forcing the military to become a vehicle for 'social justice' which will cause tremendous disruption while Obama is asking us to fight two wars with our hands tied behind our backs.  In Afghanistan Obama insists we are there to disrupt Al Queda who left Afghanistan long ago.  Meanwhile our troops are fighting the Taliban while Obama's plan is to negotiate a peace with the Taliban and leave.  The CONFISCATE step will come when the Socialists must take control of the military, along with police forces, after having weakened them through REGULATION."

Billy Roy couldn't just sit back and listen to this since more than 15 Hubbard's finest young men and women are serving in the armed forces at this time, "It's a one-two punch.  Obama's second punch is to push the START Treaty through with the Russians.  Try this logic.  The nuclear threat in the world is clearly coming from North Korea, Iran, and possibly from any Muslim Jihadist terrorist that could get their hands on weapons.  So Obama spends a little time DEMONIZING  these threats, and then argues that if we will REGULATE ourselves by reducing our nuclear arsenal and by not developing a nuclear missile defense system the bad guys will respond positively to the example we will set.  As Newt Gingrich says, 'don't listen to what Obama says but watch what he does'.  And what he is doing is weakening our military with aims to CONFISCATE, which has to be done in a Socialist takeover."

Butch came back in, "I bet the next leftist move will be to try to build on the Gay movement's military success by attempting to weaken our family structures even more.  They will try to destroy the definition of marriage which is the heart of the family.  You have to destroy the family if you are going to destroy a Christian Nation.  They will try to sneak this through as Republicans are busy pissing people off by cutting spending and working on the deficit.  Sometimes I think Socialists are smarter than we are.  But it is easy to appear to be smart when you can lie, cheat, and steal all with the approval of the Federal Government and the ggovernment-owned press."

Summing up BM said, "I assume Obama's Muslim buddies don't plan to serve in the US military since they hate gays so much.  In fact gays in the military is a negative for people from any religion.  If your goal is a strong military just seems like this is another one of those upside down things that Obama usually espouses.  Either he thinks the military will be stronger with just atheists or he wants a weaker military.  As Dick Morris says, 'Obama is either stupid or a Socialist, and he isn't stupid'."

Think about it,


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