Monday, January 24, 2011

If It Quakes Like a Socialist, Don't Sit Next to Them

Butch Jackson stormed the Cafe after watching week end news shows, "Two months after the voters routed the Socialist Dems the media has launched a gigantic counter attack aided and abetted by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Old John McCain, after calling Obama a patriot, now says 'he has already changed'. And then, of all people, they drag Collin Powell out and he says the Republicans should not make cuts across the board, like returning to 2006 spending levels, but should itemize every program they want cut and by what amount. Any idiot knows this plays right into the Socialist's hands so that they can claim Republicans hate the elderly, the young, the poor and downtrodden, women, minorities, and of course gays. This is exactly what Powell, who supported Obama in 2008, wants to happen."

"And what are the Republicans in Congress doing? They are trying to decide which Socialist they will sit by at the State of the Union speech? Any idiot knows this is a ploy by the Dems to disguise the number of losses they had in November from the TV audience in an attempt to spread their small number across the screen. And Obama has already tipped his hand with this quote, 'I want to make America competitive and create jobs, not just now, but into the future. How, by investing in education and green energy for the jobs of tomorrow'. This is code for 'don't hold me to create jobs now or in the short term as I continue to cripple America's energy industry and the economy even more'. I will continue to send tax payer money to Algore, GE, and the Chinese who are stashing it away for Michelle and my retirement'. God help us if American voters and RINOs believe this crap.Has anyone noticed that gasoline prices have risen from a national average of $1.65 to $3.15 since big O took office.  Donald Trump says we are going to over $5.00. "

Billy Roy strolled into the conversation like John Wayne in the real True Grit movie, "Well the folks are not falling for it. Did you see the road sign in Waco with a picture of Obama calling him a 'Socialist by Conduct'? This weekend letters to the editor in the Waco Tribune answered those who thought the sign was 'disrespectful' to our President. Here is what they said:

'I looked up the definition of a Socialist as one who advocates collective government ownership and administration of production and distribution of goods rather than private or corporate ownership. Listening to our President I have learned that all big business and rich people are bad and that it is fair and right for the government to take money away from these bad guys and spread it around. Of course not included in that list of bad people are folks like George Soros, book writers like he and Clinton,and selected crony-capitalism companies like Goldman Sachs, GE, and now Wal-Mart. Can you believe with all the real problems in our large cities with crime, drugs, abortions, welfare, hip-hop, illegal immigration,and parent less children that Michelle and Wal-Mart are going to save the ghetto with inexpensive healthy meals.'

'Liberals and Socialists advocate for the unlimited powers of the Federal Government in violation of our Constitution the following ways: income redistribution, rich versus poor class warfare, micro-managing the economy, and a takeover of certain industries such as health care, student loans, real estate banking, energy, and Wall Street. These are socialists themes and policies and are un-American. If liberals and progressives don't want to be called socialists they should quit advocating socialist policies.'

'We need to get rid of this guy in 2012. I have yet to see another liar like him in politics. He is nothing but a socialist at heart and wants to enslave the U.S. population.

'Why would Progressives object so profusely to us calling Obama a socialist by observing his conduct? As I recall Socialism is supposed to be an internationally accepted respectable set of political beliefs. Why do socialists have to always hide their attempts at political takeovers?'

'Regarding the billboard, I am reminded of that old saying, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.'

'Surely there has never been a President more vilified than George Bush. There are many avowed socialists in this administration and Congress. We all know who their leader is.'

'On my way to Killeen on Sunday this road sign made my day. It proves that I am not the only one that knows Obama is a socialist'."

BM then close things down, "The RINOs say we should treat Obama like a patriot and not question his motives. They might as well tell us to just be deaf, dumb, and blind while leaving things to Washington. Ain't no way!  And, sit with your own folks!"

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